Questions to Ask Potential Wedding DJs and Live Entertainment Professionals


The wedding live entertainment industry is filled with talented professionals. It can be tricky to find your perfect match in a sea of viable options! If you are starting to look into DJ or band choices for your wedding, you’ve likely narrowed down a list of contenders you are interested in hiring. As you meet with the potential entertainment professionals for your wedding, ask these top questions to help you get all the information you need to make the best choice possible.


Are you available for my wedding date?

Obviously, if the answer is no, it is on to the next one! This should be the first question you ask any potential wedding entertainment professionals, so that you don’t waste anyone’s time.


How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you performed at?

If you are interviewing a band, ask how long they have been performing together. You’ll likely want a DJ or band that has a bit of experience under their belt. Keep in mind, however, that entertainment professionals with less experience will likely have lower rates, so they might work better with your budget. Don’t worry—it doesn’t mean they won’t know how to get the party started!


Do you have experience working at my venue?

It is okay if they haven’t, but it is nice to have someone who knows the layout and special requirements needed for your venue.


What sets you apart from others in the industry?

This question might elicit some helpful information as to their work style, personality, or any unique attributes they bring to the table.


How would you describe your performance style?

This will give you a bit of extra information that expands upon their answer from the above question. If their style doesn’t fit with the vibe and aesthetic you are going for, you might want to keep looking.


Can you provide a video of previous weddings where you’ve performed?

Most professionals will have a reel of their past wedding work, or at least clips of them performing. Ask for this material so that you can get a better idea of how they perform in the room.


How extensive is your music library? Can I request certain music? Are you able to prepare songs that aren’t in your portfolio?

Of course, you will want to make sure the entertainment professional is playing the music you want to hear. If you are interviewing DJs, ask if you can take a look at their library, or if they have specific songs you want them to play. If you are interviewing bands, ask for their song list. Also see if they are able to learn certain music you’d like to hear at your wedding if it isn’t on their list (this may come at an extra charge).


How often do you take breaks? What music is played during this time?

If you want specific music to be played during these breaks, this is the time to discuss how that will be arranged and through what system it will play.


If you are unable to perform last-minute, do you have a back-up? Can I have their contact information?

If a DJ or wedding band member runs into an emergency, you’ll want to make sure there is some sort of back-up choice to avoid a disaster. Get their contact information in case you want to interview them as well.


Do you have equipment that needs specialty outlets? How much stage space does your set-up require?

You’ll want to make sure your venue has everything necessary for your entertainment to perform without any issues.


When do I need to put down a deposit/secure your services? When is the final payment due?

This is important to know. If you like them, you don’t want to end up losing them because you didn’t book their services soon enough.


What is your rate? Are there any additional charges this rate doesn’t cover (set-up, breakdown, travel, time preparing specialty music, etc.)? What is your overtime rate?

You’ll hopefully have a general idea of pricing from their website, but make sure you get a quote for your specific event requirements. Also be sure you are aware of any overtime charges, so that you aren’t hit with an unexpected bill after your event.


Is there a continuous music charge?

This question is for the couples interviewing wedding bands. Most often, wedding bands are scheduled to play a certain amount of sets, with breaks in-between each. Some offer a continuous music option, where band members will switch off taking breaks, but this often requires an additional charge.


Can you provide references?

It’s always nice to get an actual client’s perspective. A professional might be good at selling themselves, but a previous customer can give you the truth about whether they delivered on their promises or not.


When will I receive the contract?

Once you’ve decided on your perfect live entertainment choice, you’ll want to get the contract as soon as possible so that everything is set in stone and ready to go for your big day!

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