Should You Do a First Look?

First looks are becoming increasingly popular. Most couples are choosing to break the tradition of not seeing their future spouse until they walk down the aisle, by sneaking a peek before the ceremony. When deciding whether to have a first look or not, the decision of following tradition or not is in the hands of the soon-to-be-married couple.


Why You Might Consider Having a First Look

While weddings are grand celebrations, sometimes intimacy can be lost when you are sharing a beautiful moment with 50 or more people. First looks can be an initiating experience for a couple to admire each other intimately. Showing off your ensemble to your spouse can be a memorable opportunity. The intimate moment also allows for couples to display their emotions more freely while no one is watching.

  1. Reading Your Vows Intimately

During your first look, you might agree upon reading out your vows to each other before the ceremony. This moment can allow for you to say and share whatever you would like freely without limitations. Sharing this moment alone can bring you and your spouse together. When the ceremony occurs, you can even share a brief portion of your vows.

  1. First Look Photos

The first time you see your spouse can be emotional. Whatever emotion shown is bound to be natural. Taking photos of the first look and authentic reactions can provide a personal memory to look back on and remember.


Why You Might Not Have a First Look

  1. Keeping it Traditional

Traditionally the bride and groom will first see each other as the bride makes her way down the aisle. Couples might prefer to keep their wedding traditional by not sneaking a peek before the aisle. The first sight of your spouse on the aisle way can be special when sharing it with those you love. Waiting to see your loved one until you meet at the altar can also be a joyous moment.

  1. Getting Up Earlier

While the thought of a first look is romantic, it can also be waking up earlier on your big day to get dressed and ready. This can be difficult if your wedding is in the morning. If you are not a morning person, consider skipping the first look and waiting until the altar to avoid tiredness throughout the day.


Whether you decide to have a first look or keep it more traditional, the decision is up to you and your spouse.