Simple Money Saving Tips for Wedding Planning

Simple Money Saving Tips for Wedding Planning


It’s easy to watch your expenses pile up before your eyes when you are planning your wedding, and without putting a few strategies in place, it can quickly spiral out of control. As crazy as it may seem, it is possible to be frugal when planning your big day–but it doesn’t mean making difficult decisions on what or who to cut from the celebration. These tips can help you easily lower costs, without sacrificing your vision for your big day.

Get on the Email List for Wedding Vendors

If you haven’t already, start making a list of vendors or retailers you are interested in, such as invitation printers, flower shops, bakeries, and bridesmaid dress retailers. As you gather this info, sign up for their mailing lists so you’ll be the first to know of any specials or sales going on. This is especially smart if you haven’t bought a wedding dress yet–pick a few shops you are interested in purchasing from, and see what offers come up in the following months.

Hire a Wedding Planner

It might seem counterintuitive to pay someone to save money, but a wedding planner will have relationships with vendors who will often offer discounts to their clients. Wedding planners are also skilled at working with budgets, so you can feel confident that they will work with your wallet in mind.

Consider an Off-Season Wedding

June isn’t the only month when you’re allowed to celebrate! Figure out when the off-season is for your area, and consider some less popular dates to get married. You’ll save on venue prices, which are normally raised around high volume wedding months, while still throwing the celebration of your dreams.

Recruit Friends

Ask for help from your friends when it comes to putting together centerpieces, stuffing envelopes, writing out programs, or completing any other task that will take some elbow grease. As a token of your appreciation, make a party out of your wedding preparation and provide food and drinks!

Nix the Wedding Program

Wedding programs just add to the printing cost. Opt for a creative display at the entrance of the space to inform guests of the ceremony order–this is where your artistically-inclined friends can help out! The same can be done for reception seating: create a single, beautiful seating chart to guide guests to their table, rather than individual escort cards.

Make Smart Stationary Choices

You can design beautiful save-the-date and invitation cards without breaking the bank. Thermography will typically be a cheaper option than engraving, but will still provide an appealing outcome. Try to steer clear of any additions like laser-cut pieces or glitter, and make simpler choices to keep costs low.

Buy In-Season and Local

Flowers can be a huge expense, but you can be frugal by choosing flowers that are in-season and locally grown. Besides saving money, you’ll have the benefit of picking the freshest flowers possible, as they won’t have to travel a long distance.

Repurpose Flowers

Plan ways you can repurpose your flowers throughout the day. After the reception, use the bridesmaids bouquets as part of the table centerpieces. You can use any extra ceremony decoration to fill out the bars, serving tables, or any other space that can use some sprucing up.

Add Some Glow to Your Centerpieces

Candles are a great option to decorate on a budget, while also illuminating the space with a romantic glow. Reduce the amount of flowers (or completely replace them!) on the tables, and fill them with candles of various sizes for height. You can also add pretty candle holders for texture and variety.

Use Pocket Squares Instead of Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are just another thing that add to your floral budget. Instead, have the groomsmen wear pocket squares. You’ll still get the pop of color, without the hefty price tag.

Borrow Accessories

Ask friends or family members to borrow accessories like jewelry, hair combs or clips, or even a veil. You’ll save on money, and might be able to check your something old and something borrowed off your list!

Buy Alcohol Yourself

You’ll need to check if your venue allows this first, but purchasing your own alcohol can be a huge money saver. A ton of alcohol can go untouched at weddings, so you’ll be able to return anything that wasn’t opened afterwards.

Go for Less Tiers on Your Cake

More tiers mean more money. Keep the display cake on the shorter side, and have the same cake baked in a simple sheet cake form so you can feed all your guests. Keep it hidden, and your guests won’t know the difference!

Or Go for a Non-Traditional Dessert

More and more couples are opting to serve their favorite dessert instead of a traditional cake, like doughnuts, brownies, or ice cream. This could save you money while adding a personal touch!


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