The Advantages of Hiring A Wedding Coordinator

So it looks like you’re getting ready to plan your big day! While there are so many exciting parts to planning a wedding, we all know things can get a bit stressful. We have the flowers to think about, the food, the venue, and, of course, the dress! With so many things to do, where do you even begin? This is when most people decide to turn to a wedding planner – but have you ever considered a wedding coordinator?


The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator

We have all probably heard of wedding planners, and not just the 2001 hit movie. What do wedding planners do exactly? Wedding planners help create and manage all schedules and attend all vendor meetings. They help determine and manage the overall wedding budget and oversee everything on the day of the wedding. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia charges on average 10 to 20 percent of your overall wedding budget.

Wedding coordinators will typically meet with you 4-8 weeks before the wedding to review contracts and confirm logistics. The wedding coordinator also completes the final walk-through and manages the wedding rehearsal. If you decide that you would rather hire a wedding coordinator as opposed to using a wedding planner, keep in mind that this means you would be the one to plan your wedding. This can make it all the more exciting. We all have our wedding boards on Pinterest, this could be the perfect time to release your inner wedding planner and bring that vision board to life.


Why You Should Consider Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

As mentioned above, wedding coordinators have a smaller list of tasks than your typical wedding planner. However, this does not make their tasks any less important. On the contrary, they can be seen as even more important. Now you may still find yourself wondering why exactly you would want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator, so here are a few simple reasons you want to have one of these pros at your wedding.

  1. A Detailed Schedule

While wedding coordinators are not the ones who are planning the big event, they do help solidify your plan. In Atlanta, wedding coordinators typically start with a consultation between you and your partner where everyone will go over how they would like the wedding to flow. The wedding coordinator will take this information and create a detailed schedule. This schedule can help you visualize your priorities and whether or not you will have time to do certain events.

  1. Stress Free Wedding Day

Wedding coordinators are here to make your job as the host as easy as possible. The coordinator will handle everything on the day of the wedding, whether that means handling unexpected emerges, last-minute changes, or even as simple as reminding your relatives when and where they need to be for those wedding photos. This allows you to mingle throughout the tables, thank your guests for coming, and dance with your spouse without a worry!

  1. Budget-Friendly Option

The final bonus to hiring a wedding coordinator instead of a wedding planner, is that wedding coordinators have a more budget-friendly rate when it comes to their hourly salary or wedding package deals.


Finding Your Perfect Wedding Coordinator

Now that you know all there is to know about the wonderful world of wedding coordinators, it’s time to decide on the one that best fits your budget. The typical starting package of wedding coordinators in Atlanta, Georgia is going to be between $500-$550 while the more expensive packages start at about $1000. Once you decide on your budget, you can start looking into the coordinator that best suits your needs.