The Biggest Marketing Mistake Bridal Show Wedding Vendors Make—Don’t Do This!

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The wedding industry doesn’t typically doesn’t provide vendors with repeat customers. Vendors usually must search for new clientele to keep their business alive, however, there are a few ways to make the process easier.

Becoming a bridal show vendor at the Georgia Bridal Show is a great opportunity to business owners in the wedding industry to find new clients; the sheer volume of brides-to-be that attend the show provides an array of potential clients to service.

Although many vendors are able to take advantage of the opportunity provided to them, some vendors are unable to make lasting connections with potential clients and grow their business. While there may be a number of reasons why a wedding vendor is unable to gain more leads, there is one in particular that remains constant.

What’s the Biggest Mistake that Bridal Show Vendors Make?

Often times, meeting new clients is not the big issue for bridal show vendors; many are able to meet clients, establish a connection, and exchange contact information. However, where most wedding vendors fail is during the follow up. Many wedding vendors fail to follow up with leads promptly, or follow up at all.

No matter how good of an impression you make with clients at the bridal show, if you don’t reach out to them shortly afterward, the lead goes cold. It’s highly-important that you contact potential clients within a week of the bridal show to maintain the connection.

How to Follow-Up with Potential Clients


Sending emails is one of the most effective marketing strategies available today. Adding a potential client to a newsletter is a great way to remain top of mind without forcing your services on them. Regardless of whether you send a regular follow-up email or a monthly newsletter, you want to make sure that you’re engaging with the potential client and promoting your brand.

Hand-Written Notes

While sending an email thank you is faster and easier, there is a chance that it will end get lost in the person’s spam folder. A hand-written note to the future bride thanking her for the opportunity to meet at the Georgia Bridal Show is a personalized touch that is sure to differentiate you from the competition. Try using colorful images, engaging designs, and detailed copy to strike an emotional connection with the reader. Any information you can remember about the bride-to-be will earn you added points.

Phone Call/Text

Calling or sending a text are additional follow-up options to consider as a bridal show vendor. Since people spend so much time on their phones nowadays, you can be sure that the potential client will see your message if you send them a text. A phone call is preferred though, because it allows you to speak with the person and jogs their memory about your brand and who you are. When reaching out, be sure to greet the bride by her first name and re-introduce yourself, where you met, and your brand.

Need Additional Communication and Follow-Up Tips?

The Georgia Bridal Show is one of the most sought-after destinations for brides-to-be and wedding vendors alike. While simply attending the Georgia Bridal Show is a great move for building your brand, it doesn’t stop there. Communicating with hot leads immediately after the event is a surefire way to remain relevant.

If you’re interested in becoming a wedding vendor at the Georgia Bridal Show, contact our staff or register here.