The Groom’s Cake: Tips and Ideas


The wedding cake tends to reflect the overall aesthetic of the wedding. The groom’s cake, however, is about only one thing: the groom!

So what exactly is a groom’s cake? Traditionally, it is a gift to the groom from the bride. The cake is supposed to be a representation of him, and tends to have a more fun and playful design. The bride will pull inspiration from his interests and hobbies to make a unique cake that truly reflects his personality.

Sometimes the groom’s cake is sliced and boxed up to be given out to guests as favors. That said, the groom’s cake is typically smaller than the wedding cake, and there may not be enough for everybody in attendance. There is also an older tradition that single women in attendance are given a slice, and are supposed to sleep with it under their pillow to dream about their future husband. However, many couples will simply take the cake home to enjoy themselves.

If you’re picking out a groom’s cake for your soon-to-be husband, here are a few tips and ideas.


Create Your Budget

The groom’s cake may be smaller than the wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean it will be cheap. The detailed design can raise the price dramatically, so know your budget at the beginning of the process to know exactly what you can and can’t do.


Start Early

Groom’s cakes often have intricate designs that are a bit more wild and out-of-the-box. This means that you’ll need to give yourself at least a few months to come up with the theme, meet with the baker, and place your final order.


List Out His Hobbies and Interests

For some partners, the trickiest part is picking out the actual theme of the cake! Start by listing out his interests, and narrow down your options from there. To get the ball rolling, think of food, sports teams, TV shows and movies, books, hobbies, and music and bands that he’s interested in.


Look at Local Bakers for Inspiration

Still having a hard time choosing a theme? Then look into some local bakers’ portfolios for some inspiration. Plus, this will help you decide on a vendor to go with (if you aren’t using your wedding cake baker for your groom’s cake).


Don’t Forget the Flavor

The groom’s cake isn’t all about the exterior. The flavor of the cake should also match his preferences! If you had a bit of a hard time compromising on a flavor for your wedding cake, this is the time to serve a cake that is exactly what he wants.


Go Beyond the Cake

If your partner isn’t a huge cake fan, don’t feel tied down to getting an actual cake. A pie, cookies, or donuts will do the trick, too! You may be more limited in design with these options, but if something other than a cake better reflects the groom, go for it.


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