The Pros and Cons of a Beach Wedding


If you dream of getting married on the shore while the sun sets behind you, a beach wedding is the right choice for you! Of course, while it has its perks, there are a few cons that you’ll want to consider before deciding on using a beach as your venue. Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of having a beach wedding.


The Pros of a Beach Wedding

  • Gorgeous Setting: Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of a beach wedding is the stunning view! There’s something particularly romantic about a wedding with a backdrop of waves crashing in the distance, and it’s something you and your guests won’t forget.
  • No Need for a Ton of Decor: When the beach is your wedding venue, you don’t need much to dress up the space! This means you’ll need to spend less on decor, which is a huge plus.
  • Opportunity for Comfier Attire: A beach simply doesn’t lend itself to more formal, stuffy attire. You and your guests will still want to look nice, but you can aim for more relaxed looks. Plus – no uncomfortable heels for the ladies!
  • Typically Less Expensive: Of course, this will depend on different factors, but beach permits typically aren’t very expensive, and will be far less than renting a more traditional ceremony venue.



The Cons of a Beach Wedding

  • Lack of Privacy: Unless you scored a private beach or plan on transporting guests to a secluded area, you’re likely going to deal with a few onlookers.
  • Unpredictable Weather: On a perfect day, the beach is a gorgeous setting. But if the weather turns sour, you’re going to need a plan B! Intense wind and rain mean you’ll need to find some shelter, so you’ll have to do the work to ensure you have another indoor venue close by as a backup.
  • Annoying Sand: This isn’t the biggest issue, but trying to brush sand off of your feet after a day at the beach can be a bit annoying! Be sure to have a few bottles of baby powder on hand to help guests get rid of every single sand particle.
  • Immediate Clean Up: Depending on your permitting situation, you may need to have the space cleared out immediately after the ceremony. That said, this won’t be a huge problem if you hire a team to help out so that you can get right to the reception.
  • Sound Issues: Beaches can be loud, especially when the wind picks up or when the waves are a little rowdier. You’ll need a good sound system in place (along with a generator!) to ensure everyone can clearly hear the ceremony.


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