The Pros and Cons of a Historic Wedding Venue


There is something special about hosting your wedding at a historic venue. The beautiful space and the timeless feel makes it the perfect place for a wedding! That said, you might not be completely sure that it is the right choice for you. Here are the pros and cons you’ll want to consider before deciding on using a historic space as your wedding venue.


The Pros of a Historic Wedding Venue

  • Unique Venue: Obviously, the fact that the venue holds historical significance is one of the biggest pros of using a historic wedding venue. With there being so much history behind the venue, you’ll add a wow-factor to your celebration!
  • Abundance of Photo Opportunities: Historic venues have a variety of different rooms and outdoor spaces with tons of character. This means you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to photo locations – and you’ll end up with stunning and visually interesting wedding day photos! Be sure to talk to your photographer to ensure you include all the beautiful locations in your shot list.
  • Space for the Ceremony and Reception: Speaking of the space, with historic venues, you generally have enough space options to hold both your ceremony and your reception on the property. This means you won’t need to travel between two different venues, allowing for a better flow of the night!
  • Less of a Need for Decor: The stunning architecture, beautiful fixtures and details, and well-maintained landscaping provide a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. While you’ll certainly want to add your own personal style through decorative elements, you likely won’t need to go overboard with decor, since the space is already eye-catching on its own. This means you’ll ultimately save on decor!


The Cons of a Historic Wedding Venue

  • Potential Accessibility Issues: Many historic venues have issues with accessibility. Hopefully, any venues originally built without considering accessibility have recently been updated to account for all visitors. Check with your venue to ensure your guests are easily able to access and move around the space.
  • Lack of Climate Control: Another thing that many historic venues weren’t built with is a heating and cooling system. While the venue you’re interested in might have been updated, if not, you may need to come up with a way to ensure your guests don’t get too hot or too cold.
  • Limited Electrical Outlets: Of course, you may also deal with a historic venue that has few electrical outlets – and the outlets that do exist might not be able to handle large circuit loads. This means you may need to rent a generator for your DJ, catering staff, or whoever else may need it. Talk to the venue coordinator to see exactly what you’d be working with.

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