The Pros of a Destination Wedding


While weddings are usually a dream to plan, they can also be very stressful especially when it comes to the financial planning and guest list. Who do you invite, how many people do you want in your wedding party, how many bridesmaid dresses do we need to buy, who can eat what food, who do we hire to cater the event? These are just a few stressful questions that come to mind when planning a large wedding, but have you ever considered setting off on a plane with only your fiancé, your family, and theirs?


Consider these 5 pros of a small, destination wedding with just family while planning your own wedding:

  1. A smaller guest list. A smaller guest list means more intimacy and fewer finances. While this is your wedding and you ultimately have the last say on who you want to invite to your wedding, there will always be someone you didn’t consider. Maybe it’s your aunt in Georgia who you haven’t seen since you were a baby but your mom insists that she gets invited. Maybe you decide to not include a “plus one” option but your cousin insists on bringing his girlfriend and you can’t say no. With a destination wedding, it’s easier to avoid these small frustrations and not feel the need to invite anyone but immediate family.
  2. Destination weddings are more affordable. Whether or not you decide to take the smaller guest list route or not, destination weddings still prove to be more affordable as guests are expected to pay their own ticket and resort fees, depending on where you decide to hold the ceremony. Many couples tend to hold their destination wedding at their resort. Resorts love to offer wedding packages and discounts which also helps you control your budget.
  3. You can include your honeymoon in your package. As previously mentioned, resorts love weddings! They usually like to offer special ratings and discounts the more you want to host at their location. If you have your wedding ceremony, your dinners, and even your honeymoon at the resort you might just get an amazing deal! on top of all this, you’re probably already on location for one of your dream honeymoon destinations so you might as well take advantage of the beautiful scenery and packages!
  4. The people you care about most in the world will be by your side. While this is also true for a large or small wedding, small destination weddings allow you to be closer to the people who came to see you on your big day. You have a limited amount of people to give your attention to, apart from your fiancé that is, which makes your day easier and overall more intimate, and after all, shouldn’t weddings be an intimate setting overall?


While there can be other small hurdles to planning a destination wedding, as there will be hurdled will planning anything, these are just a few simple reasons to consider a small, intimate ceremony across the sea (or even across the country).