Tips and Ideas for a Casual Wedding Celebration


Some couples dream of a formal, lavish, black-tie affair for their wedding. On the other side of the spectrum, however, there are couples who are much more interested in a laid-back vibe when it comes to tying the knot. If you’ve decided that a casual wedding better fits your style, try implementing some of these tips and ideas to pull-off a perfectly relaxed celebration.


Forgo the Typical Wedding Venue

Think outside of the box when it comes to wedding venues – hotel ballrooms and country clubs might not fit your aesthetic. Look for more relaxed spaces that better fit your style and the vibe of the celebration. The backyard of a friend or family member’s home is a great, personal idea. You can also try a local brewery, park, restaurant, or community center.


Break Out the Beer Cooler for Cocktail Hour

Let guests treat themselves to a refreshing beer to enjoy while celebrating your marriage! Set out a cooler or large metal ice bucket stocked up with your favorite brews. You can also have a cocktail table set-up, where guests can grab their own drinks as they please – it is much less formal than having a waiter go around with a tray of drinks.


Have Fun with Your Food Choices

There are a ton of fun options you can explore when it comes to serving food at your wedding. Maybe you’ll hire a few food trucks for a unique and casual dining experience. Maybe you’ll stick with a caterer, but opt for less “stuffy” styles of dishes – BBQ, family-style Italian, or a make-your-own taco bar are all great options. Or, maybe you’ll even have guests bring their best dish to create an intimate, laid-back dinner party vibe. Allow yourself to break out of the typical wedding food mold, and have fun making your selection.


Let the Wedding Party Pick Their Attire

If you and your partner are okay with a more hands-off approach when it comes to the wedding party, let the members choose their own outfits for the day. This will take the pressure off of you and your spouse, and the eclectic look will give off a casual vibe you won’t get with matching attire. Of course, you’ll probably want to give a few guidelines so that wedding party members aren’t totally off-base, such as colors to choose from, or the level of formality they should be aiming for.


Set Out Picnic Blankets

Couples who are throwing an outdoor wedding can really play up the casual vibe by providing picnic blankets for guests to comfortably lounge on the grass. Pick out some blankets that match with your color scheme (it’ll add a vibrant pop of color and texture, especially for photos), and scatter them out in baskets around the venue. Of course, this might not work so well if guests are wearing more formal attire. However, if you’ve told guests to keep their outfits casual, it can be a lot of fun – during the reception and even the ceremony! It’s an especially good idea to help make your wedding a bit more kid-friendly as well. You’ll want to make sure you still have adequate normal seating as well, especially for older guests.


Treat Guests to Fun and Games

Let guests get a bit goofy with some fun games! Kids and adults alike will enjoy getting to bond with you and other guests over some of your favorite games. For outdoor weddings, play up a picnic party vibe by turning to lawn games, like corn hole, giant Jenga, a ring toss, or bocce ball. If you are sticking to the indoors, consider setting up a table with classic board games or card games.


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