Tips and Ideas for Small Wedding Celebrations


Not every couple dreams of a huge bash for their wedding celebration. For some, a more intimate affair perfectly fits their wants and needs. If you are planning a smaller wedding celebration, check out these tips and ideas that can help you work through the logistics – and throw a wedding that is small in size but huge in character!


Consider Forgoing Formal Invitations

When you are throwing a smaller wedding, formal invitations aren’t a necessity. Since you are dealing with less people, you could simply pick up the phone and personally invite your guests. Phone calls will feel much more personal – and it will save you some money on printing and postage! Follow up with an email to your guests to make sure they have the correct information for the big day.


Look Into Non-Traditional Venues

Less people on your guest list means that you have a huge variety of options when it comes to wedding venues – including spaces that aren’t traditionally for weddings! You may even save a bit of money by going for a venue that doesn’t have the hefty price tag that many wedding spaces do. Art galleries, restaurants, wine bars, and gardens are all great spaces to look into. Some hotels may also have smaller rentable spaces that work perfectly with your guest list size. The home of a family member or friend can also be a wonderful sentimental space, but an important piece of advice: avoid throwing the celebration in your own home! Couples shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of setting up and breaking down a wedding in their home – they already have enough on their plate.


Don’t Pick a Space that is Too Large

If you do end up going with a more traditional wedding venue, be sure to limit the amount of physical space you are using. If you throw an intimate wedding in a grand ballroom that can seat 400 people, the celebration will feel out of place – it will be much harder to fill up the space! Find ways to work with the venue so that you have an area that works for your party size. This might mean sectioning off a piece of a courtyard, or only renting certain rooms at a venue.


Fight the Urge to Trick Out the Space with Activities

For larger weddings, it makes sense to offer fun activities like a photo booth or lawn games during their reception. For smaller weddings, however, there is much less of a need. You’ll be spending much more face to face time with each of your guests since you won’t need to make the rounds through a lengthy list of people. Food, drinks, your company, and perhaps some dancing is all you’ll need to keep guests entertained!


Ditch the Caterer For a More Creative Food Option

Want to cut down on food costs but still enjoy a delicious feast? Consider hiring a food truck instead of a caterer! Of course, this lends itself to more casual wedding receptions, but this unique idea is perfect for the laid-back couple who have a go-to food truck they love. Another fun idea is to throw a potluck style reception where everyone brings their own side. It will add a nice personal touch since everyone will be contributing to the celebration.


Skip the DJ or Large Band

The energy of a DJ will be a bit too much for an intimate gathering. Depending on just how small your guest list is, even a more mellow band with a lot of musicians can make the number of people in the room feel off-balance. Try going for a smaller group of musicians (such as a duo or trio) to strike the right balance.


Make Everyone Feel at Home with Personal Touches

A smaller guest list means you have an opportunity to personalize the details. Consider having a calligrapher hand write the name cards for the table. You could even give each guest a personal wedding welcome gift that was curated just for them. Another way to make the celebration especially personal? Seat everyone at the same table. This keeps all guests in the conversation and creates a wonderful shared experience.


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