Tips and Tricks to Make Your Sweetheart Table Shine


For many couples, the idea of doing a sweetheart table is a no-brainer. Amongst the exhilarating chaos of the wedding ceremony and reception, it is nice to have a space where you can connect and celebrate without interruptions – even if just for a few minutes. Beyond providing a place to enjoy each other’s company, a sweetheart table gives you the opportunity to add to the design and aesthetic of the wedding. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your sweetheart table stand out.


Change Out the Seating

You don’t need to use the same seating that fills out the rest of the venue. Let your sweetheart table stand out by picking out unique seating just for you and your spouse! In lieu of two chairs, you could even go for a loveseat so that you and your new spouse can get cozy and comfortable.


Go for a Bit of Luxury

Did you fall in love with gorgeous glassware that simply couldn’t fit into your rental budget or some luxurious linens that you couldn’t justify renting for all the tables? Allow yourself to rent these more high-end items just for your sweetheart table. You’ll be getting them in a smaller quantity, so you won’t break the bank, but you’ll still be able to enjoy them. It is your special day – you are allowed to treat yourself! These elements will also amp up the overall aesthetic of your sweetheart table.


Choose a Different Centerpiece

Logistically, depending on what you’ve chosen, the centerpiece design for the rest of the tables may not work for your sweetheart table – especially since the table will likely be on the smaller side. Try going in a different direction with your centerpiece. Consider designing a smaller centerpiece that still makes a statement, or doing a floral table runner.


Add Fun Signs

A nice small touch is adding signs with “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, “Bride” and “Groom”, your monogram, or any other words to put on the back of your chairs or in front of the table. Another cute sign-related idea? Get custom jackets with the labels of your choice on the back. They’ll look cute draped on the chairs and will keep you warm as the night goes on.


Surround the Space with Florals, Lanterns, and Other Design Elements

You don’t have to confine the design of the sweetheart table to the actual table. Play up the space by adding design elements surrounding the table. You can add lanterns or candles in front of the table to give a romantic glow or flower arrangements on either side of the table. Large plants, pillars, and candelabras can also make a big statement and beautifully frame the table.


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