Tips for a Perfect Winter Wedding

*Photo courtesy of Sunglow Photography*

The winter season creates a beautiful atmosphere for a cozy and romantic wedding. Log fires, snow, candlelight, jewel tones, and lush velvet and fur can all come together to create a gorgeous ambiance for your celebration. If you are planning a winter wedding, follow these tips to make the most of this wonderful season.


Add Touches of Velvet and Fur to Fashion Choices

Fur and velvet pieces are great for this time of the year. The textures have an incredibly wintery feel and, on the practical side, will help keep wedding party members warm. Fur shawls are great for the bride and bridal party and will look particularly gorgeous in photos taken outside. Velvet bridesmaid dresses also look stunning against a snowy backdrop. Of course, the men can join in as well—on-trend velvet blazers will perfectly compliment the winter aesthetic.


Play with Your Color Palette

You might naturally be drawn to classic winter colors, like burgundies, dark greens, and winter whites. These classics will always look beautiful during the colder months, but don’t be afraid to stray from the typical choices! Plums, icy blues, silvers, golds, glitters, and metallics all look wonderful against a winter backdrop.

Add Natural Wintery Elements to Wedding Flower Arrangements

You can pay homage to the season by implementing distinctly winter natural elements in the bouquets and centerpieces. Think pine cones, fir branches, silver brunia berries, and red hypericum berries.


Prep Your Skin for the Weather

Dry winter weather can lead to dry skin and lips, both of which aren’t ideal for makeup. Brides who want to glow on their wedding day should keep up with a hydrating skincare routine in the weeks leading up to the big day. Also, be sure to carry around a moisturizing chapstick to keep your lips hydrated!


Stick to One Venue

This is particularly true for winter weddings in areas that might get hit with snow on the big day. In order to limit the amount of time guests have to spend on icy roads, keep the venue for the ceremony and reception in one spot (or at least very close to each other).


Add a Coat Check

Guests will be arriving with their coats, and you won’t want them lugging them around all night. Designate a coat check person so that guests can feel safe leaving their winter wear with someone else while they aren’t using it.


Lighten Up the Space with Candles

It will get darker earlier in the day during this time of the year, so fight against the darkness with romantic candles. They can be incorporated as part of the centerpieces, and placed throughout the ceremony and reception spaces. This small addition makes a world of difference, creating a glowing romantic vibe throughout the venue.


Have Fun with Drink Options

Spiced mulled wine, hot cocoa, apple cider, hot toddies—the possibilities are endless! The chilly weather gives you an opportunity to take advantage of drinks spring and summer wedding guests don’t get to enjoy. Make one of your signature drinks at the bar something warm and comforting, or set up a hot cocoa station for guests to assemble their own drinks. You can even provide warm drinks as guests arrive to the ceremony space so that they can cozy up as the celebrations begin.


Stay on Theme with the Wedding Favors

Keep up the winter aesthetic by offering winter-appropriate wedding favors. Some options include monogrammed blankets, small jars with hot cocoa mix, small candles (in a scent like pine, cranberry, or firewood), or mugs.


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