Tips for Hiring and Working with a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

*Photo via Blush Pink Weddings


For a lot of couples, hiring a day-of coordinator is the ideal choice for the wedding planning process. A day-of coordinator takes the stress off of the couple on the actual day of the celebration but still allows the couple to play a larger role in actually planning the wedding in the early stages. Plus, a day-of coordinator is more budget-friendly than a full-service planner. If you are considering hiring a day-of wedding coordinator, here are a few tips that’ll set you on the right path towards the perfect professional.


Know What the Day-Of Coordinator Actually Does

It is essential that you know what kind of duties a day-of coordinator will actually do. These services will vary from professional to professional, but in general, every couple needs to understand that a day-of coordinator doesn’t do the same tasks as a full-service wedding planner.

The name is a bit misleading. Day-of coordinators typically begin their services around a month before the actual wedding, which is why some will choose to title the service “month-of coordination”. Again, the exact services rendered will vary from person to person, but in general, they’ll start working with the vendors you’ve already hired to coordinate any final payments and the wedding day schedule, run the wedding rehearsal, manage the vendors on the big day, and help keep everything on schedule. Some coordinators will allow you to add on la carte services, as well.


Find the Right Person for the Job

Wedding day-of coordination is a popular service, so there are likely plenty of professionals near you – you just need to know where to look. Ask friends who were recently married, or ask your venue and see if they have any recommendations. You should also check out the Georgia Bridal Show. At an event in your area, you’ll have a chance to meet with a variety of top-quality day-of wedding coordinators, so you’ll easily find your perfect match.


Stay Organized From the Start

When you bring your day-of coordinator on-board, you shouldn’t just hand them a stack of contracts or forward them every individual email interaction you’ve had with vendors and expect them to get going. This will make matters a lot more complicated, and they’ll likely waste valuable time trying to sift through everything before actually getting to work. Since you aren’t working with a planner from the very start of the wedding planning process, you’ll need to wear the wedding planner hat at first to make sure everything is properly organized and ready to go once your coordinator comes on board.

In order to start your working relationship on the right foot, create a wedding planning organizational system, and stick with it as you go through every detail of the planning process. This might mean putting everything in a physical binder, or creating a digital footprint with an online file sharing service that you can all access. Whatever system you choose, it should neatly include everything that the coordinator will need, from the draft of the wedding day timeline to vendor contact information. This will help the day-of coordinator make the most of their time, and give you the best results.


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