Tips for Hosting a Wedding in a Private Home

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

It can be incredibly special to host your wedding at the home of a family member or close friend. Throwing your wedding at a place that holds more significance adds a personal touch. That being said, you need to remember that you are working with a space that isn’t actually designed for throwing a wedding, and with that, there are special needs that have to be addressed. If you are considering setting a private home as your wedding venue, there are a few tips that will make your event a success.


Steer Clear of Throwing the Celebration in Your Own Home

To-be-married couples might be tempted to host their wedding in their own home, especially if they have the perfect space for an event. While it is understandably appealing, throwing the wedding in your home may add an extra layer of stress to an already hectic time in your life. Before your wedding, you’ll have to deal with setting up, making sure your home is clean and organized, and vendors coming in and out – all in the place where you’ll want to relax before your big day! Plus, you’ll want to celebrate your marriage once the reception is over, not deal with cleaning up. Fight the urge to throw your celebration at your space, and maintain your home as a relaxing, wedding-free zone.


Be Realistic with Your Budget

Many couples choose to throw a wedding at a private home in order to save some money, but in some cases, it isn’t always the budget-friendly option. Traditional wedding venues often offer elements you might need to source yourself for a private home wedding. Take a look at the home in mind, and think of the elements you might need to rent, such as a dance floor, tent, a bar, extra lighting, portable restrooms, power generators, and more. You’ll also probably need to rent a good amount of additional furniture – particularly seating. If you are working with a strict budget, determine if a home wedding truly does make the most fiscal sense for you.


Don’t Forget the Tent

If you are planning on hosting any part of your wedding in an outdoor, uncovered space, you’ll likely want to get a tent. Even if you’d prefer to go without one, you’ll be safer having one as a backup just in case the weather isn’t in your favor during the big day. Determine what area makes the most sense for a tent, and don’t forget to include it in your budget.


Check if You Need Permits

Your region may require certain permits for hosting an event, so make sure you check what your local government requires. You might need a permit for events of more than a certain number of guests, and there are likely noise, parking, or other restrictions you need to adhere to. Make sure you get this information early on in the planning process so that there aren’t any unwanted surprises.


Assess the Interior and Exterior Space

You’ll need to look at the home through the eyes of an event planner, which can be a bit tricky – especially if you are using the home you grew up in! Take an analytical view, and realistically look at how you can best utilize all the available space. Think about where the wedding party can get ready, and keep lighting (for makeup and hair) and space in mind. Look at different rooms in the home, and see how you can best rearrange furniture for the optimal space for guests. Assess the outdoors space, and see how you can divide the area into sections for the reception and ceremony. The house likely wasn’t built with events in mind, so you’ll need to do a bit of planning to make the most of the space you have.


Plan for Any Home Upgrades Ahead of Time

Maybe the owner of the home will want to clean up or add to the landscaping, or do any house projects so that the home can be in top shape for the big day. Whatever it may be that needs to be done, make sure there is ample time to get it done. You don’t want to be stuck fixing, painting, or trimming up to the last minute! As you are first assessing the home, think of anything that needs to be addressed before the big day, and make plans to take care of it well before the celebration.


Match Decor to The Exterior and Interior of the Home

Assess the style of the home, and see how you can play with the overall design to blend it with the desired aesthetic of your wedding. Hiding a ton of elements will be more challenging. Instead, try taking what is already there, and adding complementary design elements. Also, be sure to use any backyard landscaping as a launchpad to build on – especially if there are any elements that particularly stand out. For example, if the backyard features beautiful red rose bushes, try incorporating red into your color palette to blend it all together.


Consider Offering Transportation to Guests

Unless the home is on a larger piece of land, you might not have ample parking available for all of the guests. In order to make matters easier for guests (and not anger your neighbors!) offer transportation to the home from a central location with ample parking that you can use, like a school or community center. Of course, coordinate with that location first to make sure it is ok.


Hire Professionals to Clean Beforehand

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, it can be easy for a private home venue to get a bit cluttered. With vendors coming and going, and decor items being created, it is practically unavoidable to encounter a bit of a mess. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to get the home in tip-top shape a few days before the big event.


Coordinate with Vendors

Vendors that typically work at venues are a bit more accustomed to having the resources they need in order to do their best work. At a private home, there might be a few hurdles to overcome. The band, for example, might need an extra power source. The caterer, on the other hand, might need to bring additional cooking equipment. Your vendors should be aware of any obstacles that will come with working at a home, but make sure they know about the venue choice as soon as possible so that they can adequately prepare.


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