Tips for Picking Out Gorgeous Wedding Jewelry


Of course, the most important pieces of jewelry on your wedding day are your wedding and engagement rings. However, you’ll still want a few additional pieces of jewelry that complement your wedding dress perfectly and tie the entire look together. If you are on the hunt for gorgeous wedding jewelry, these tips will help you pick out pieces that add a beautiful finishing touch.


Remember that Less is More

While you’ll want to pick out beautiful jewelry pieces, keep in mind that the stars of your look are the wedding dress and your rings. Take a less is more approach and choose pieces that are simpler, especially if you are wearing a more embellished dress. Of course, you should still consider your personal style and preferences, but think about finding jewelry pieces that complement the main elements of your look, rather than ones that pull away the attention.


Choose the Right Metals Based on Your Dress Color

You might not think the subtle difference in wedding dress hues would influence your jewelry choice, but it actually does! For those with bright white dresses, silver and white platinum work best. Ivory and champagne dresses look lovely with gold jewelry pieces. If you’ve gone with the blush trend for your dress, consider rose gold jewelry pieces.


Avoid Mixing Too Many Metals

Too many different metals in your wedding jewelry can overwhelm the look. While everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, try to go for no more than two different metals.


Highlight the Neckline

Take a look at your wedding dress neckline, and use that as a guide when choosing your necklace (if you are planning on wearing one). You’ll want something that works well with your neckline to beautifully frame your face. You can play around with different necklace lengths and styles to see what looks best to you, but here are a few guidelines:


  • V-Neck Dress: With a V-neck neckline, the lines of a pendant necklace will complement the cut. A choker can also look beautiful with this neckline, as can layered necklaces.
  • Strapless Dress: A shorter necklace will work perfectly with a strapless dress, and will balance out the neckline. A multi-strand necklace will look nice, as well.
  • Halter or High-Neck Dress: Generally, you’ll want to skip out on necklaces with these necklines, and focus on other jewelry pieces.


Consider Your Hairstyle and Veil

Your wedding hairstyle and veil choice should also be considered when picking out your jewelry. One thing to consider is the style of your veil if you’re wearing one. If your veil is longer or has ornate detailing (such as a lace pattern or pearl embellishments), you should go for simpler jewelry pieces (especially with your earrings and necklace) so that the look isn’t too overwhelming. Also, be sure to keep your hairstyle in mind when picking out earrings. Drop, dangle, and chandelier earrings will beautifully frame your face if you’re wearing an updo, whereas studs look gorgeous with hair that is styled down.


Stick to Your Style

Buying wedding jewelry is unchartered territory for most of us, and it may be easy to fall into a trap of picking out go-to wedding pieces – even if they don’t fit your style. If you’re not one to wear pearl earrings, or never gravitate towards necklaces, don’t feel like you have to cave in and wear them. The most important thing is that you pick out pieces that you feel good in and that match your aesthetic.


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