Tips for Planning Your Tented Wedding

Design: Bash Please & Photo: Lauren Ross

Many couples are choosing to rent tents for their wedding celebration. Tents allow them to set up their celebration space in virtually any place they want, and also gives access to the outdoors without the danger of being impacted by unexpected weather. While it is the perfect option for many couples, booking and planning for a tent rental requires a lot of preparation and attention to small details. If you are planning on renting a tent for your wedding, these tips will help you stay on track in the planning process and pick the perfect set-up.


Plan Ahead

Once you have your venue booked and a general idea of your guest count, it is time to start working towards finalizing your tent rental. Rental companies only have so much inventory, so you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead so that you have a variety of options to choose from. Aim to have your tent rental finalized no later than 6 months out.


Pick the Right Style

There is more to wedding tent rentals than picking the right size and signing the dotted line. Tents come in a variety of styles, and you can pick one that perfectly fits your wedding aesthetic. Some of the tent styles you’ll find include:


  • Pole Tents: Pole tents offer soft, sloped tops that make them one of the more visually appealing options. They do have a central pole, which for some couples might be a deal-breaker.
  • Frame Tents: Frame tents do not have a pole in the center. The weight is supported by the outer beams, and the top is a more structured triangle shape.
  • Structure Tents: Structure tents are the extra-large version of frame tents, and are suitable for larger events (250+ guests). Just like the frame tent, a structure tent doesn’t require any center poles.
  • Clear Tents: Clear tents offer protection while still being able to experience the surrounding landscaping, but there is one major downside. Clear tents can trap heat in, so they might not be suitable for hotter weather.


Check the Rules with Your Venue

If you’ve booked your wedding venue, you’ll want to get in contact to see if there are any rules you need to follow regarding the tent. Be sure to check if you are allowed to put stakes in the ground because that can impact what tent you are able to bring in. Also, be sure to check to see how soon the professionals at the tent rental company can come in to set up.


Start Thinking About the Ideal Spot

When picking the spot to set up the tent, you need to keep the visual aesthetic in mind. You don’t want your tent to completely fill up an area – it will look awkward and make space seem smaller. Look for a flat surface that offers a good amount of space that can surround the tent. Talk to your wedding venue coordinators to see where they suggest setting up the tent.


Set Up a Meeting with Your Tent Vendor at Your Venue

It is a smart idea to bring your tent vendor to your actual venue location. That way, they can assess the space, talk to you about your ideas on where you can set up the tent, and determine which option works best. Be sure to loop the venue coordinator into the meeting as well, so that you all can discuss any dangers or obstacles you should be aware of (such as a sprinkler system in the middle of your favorite spot, or any spaces with the unstable ground).


Keep Temperature in Mind

Whether you are throwing your wedding in the hottest month of the summer or the dead of winter, you’ll need to think about how to make your guests physically comfortable. Look into air conditioners or heaters for your wedding – there is a good chance your tent rental company will have some available to rent.


Don’t Forget Flooring

If you decide on a grassy area to set up your tent, it is best to lay down some sort of flooring for ease of movement. Wood flooring, sisal carpet, and Astroturf are all popular options. Your tent vendor will likely have options for you to choose from.


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