Wedding Weekend Welcome Gift Ideas Your Guests Will Love


Gifting your guests with a wedding weekend bag is a sweet personal touch that will help kick off the festivities and make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. In order to curate the best gift possible, you will want to decide what items need to be included for it to feel personalized, fun, and a bit practical. It can be overwhelming deciding what to include in your gift, but these tips will help you narrow down on the perfect items that will make your guests feel welcomed and excited for your wedding celebration!


Deliver in Style

Canvas tote bags are a great option for holding wedding welcome goodies. They are eco-friendly, and your guests can continue to use them for years to come. A great way to add personal flair is to order customized totes. You can include your wedding hashtag or slogan in the design, or even add a symbol that is representative of your wedding theme or location. Canvas tote bags are also perfect for guests who are travelling from out of town. They are easy to pack, and can be used during the wedding weekend if they are going sightseeing. If you decide to go a different route, you may also choose a simple box with decorative filler paper, or a cute paper bag with handles.


Include the Nitty-Gritty Itinerary Details

Before getting to the fun stuff, you need to cover to basics. It is smart to include any wedding weekend details in your welcome gift so that your guests will have all key details easily accessible. Add a printed sheet with details like the ceremony and reception address, transportation information, the schedule for the wedding day and any other wedding weekend activities, or any other important specifics your guests should know.


Add Some Local Flair

Add a personal touch by giving your guests a taste of life in your hometown. This is especially great if you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town. You can include coffee beans from your favorite local cafe, soap or candles from the specialty shop down the street, or city logo stickers to remind them of their memories of the trip. You may even want to include fruits that are seasonal and local to your state—everyone loves a juicy Georgia peach!

For guests who have some time to kill between wedding celebrations, add a guidebook or informational brochures for some of your favorite spots around town, or menus from the best restaurants. If you want to make it even more personal, curate a list of your favorite spots around town, noting why each of these places are special to you as a couple.


Bottoms Up

Including your favorite beverage is a festive way to get the celebration started. Add a small bottle of wine, some beer from the best local brewery, or mini liquor bottles. If you and your guests aren’t big fans of alcoholic drinks, you can also add sparkling water, some cans of your favorite soda, coconut water, or bottled tea. It is also smart to include a few bottles of water—it is the perfect addition for the guests who need to rehydrate after a long flight (or after a long night of partying at your reception!).


Get Snacking

Food is a perfect addition to any wedding welcome gift package—your guests will greatly appreciate you helping fill their midnight snack needs! Find a few choices to cover both the sweet and savory snack cravings. Crackers, chips, and popcorn are all easy savory options. To satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth cravings, include some chocolate, gummies, or sweets from a local candy shop.


Goodies for the Season

You may want to include small items that will help your guests be as comfortable as possible when acclimating to the weather. For example, if your wedding is in the Spring or Summer, include a small bottle of sunscreen to help guests protect against the sun. For guests who will want to get cozy during your winter wedding weekend, include a sachet of hot cocoa or some tea bags to warm them up.



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