What to Do After a Bridal Show Expo

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Attending a bridal show expo is a whirlwind of energy and excitement. You get to meet hundreds of brides and their entourages as well as other industry professionals. In just one afternoon you can book new clients and make connections to expand your network.

But once your booth is taken down and you’re back at home with your feet up, a whole new panic may start to set in. What’s next? Here are the major tasks to take care of in the hours, days, and weeks after showcasing your business at a bridal show expo.


Within 24 Hours

In the first 24 to 48 hours after the event, make personal contact with the brides you spoke with that day. You should have their contact information from the event organizer, or from the info sheet they filled out at your booth. Send them a personalized email and briefly overview what you two talked about. After all, she saw a ton of vendors that day as well and may need help remembering you. Follow up on anything you promised to provide such as pricing, photos, or testimonials.

This is also the time to reach out to your giveaway winners to let them know that they’ve won the gift they entered for.


Within 7-10 Days

Once the biggest people on your list have been contacted, focus your efforts on the people you met who might not be expecting anything from you. However, don’t wait more than a week because you want to hit them while you’re still fresh in their mind.

This is the ideal time to reach out to the event organizer and thank them for the opportunity to exhibit as well as find out about the next event. Contact the magazine editor or radio show host you spoke to and see if they have any ad space available. Send an email to the vendor from the booth next to you and check if they know of any upcoming events that may want your services as well.


Within 4-12 Weeks

After a few follow up emails and phone calls, you should be ready to seal the deal! You can book appointments with the brides you talked to, provide an interview to the local bridal magazine, or add an event with a new business partner to your calendar.

It might also be time to start thinking about your next bridal show expo! Do some research to find out when and where the next event is, and what you need to do to secure a booth!


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