What You Should and Shouldn’t DIY for Your Wedding

When it comes to preparing for your big day, personalizing a wedding experience is a must for some brides and grooms. DIY projects can save you money on some items while also contributing to a stunning wedding environment. When it comes to DIY projects for your wedding, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider. While you are writing down your wedding to-list, consider the options that are best to DIY and what might be better to leave to the experts.


What to DIY

1. Escort Cards and Place Cards

These cards are a great and easy personalized DIY project to incorporate into your wedding planning. When it comes to escort cards, these cards intended to direct guests to their seats can also turn into wedding souvenirs. Whether you use a glass coaster, a key chain, or a small wine bottle with a name tag attached, these DIY items will look flawless when personalized with your guests’ names in calligraphy. Traditional place cards with cardstock paper and calligraphy are classic place card tactics, but consider alternatives such as fabric with attached ribbon, or even a flower.


2. Centerpieces

At a reception, centerpieces are the eyecatching decor that your guests will be drawn to. Personalizing your centerpieces is a great DIY tactic. Of course, not every centerpiece aspect has to be a DIY project, but there are small ways to add little details to the overall look. Centerpiece aspects you can consider personalizing our tablescapes. Tablescapes or table runners are a beautiful decorative touch. Whether you choose to use silk, lines, or regular cloth material, it is nearly impossible to ruin a tablescape when taking on the project yourself. Before taking a trip to the fabric store, have an idea about how you would like your tables to look. Depending on the vision for your tables, other centerpiece DIY projects include candle set-ups, engagement photos displaced at each table in a frame, table numbers, or personalized champagne glasses with your wedding date.

3. Invitations

For most couples, wedding invitations are a must DIY project. There is nothing more special than personalizing your wedding invitations before sending them out to your guests. Luckily, there are plenty of online sites that you can build your invitations on, making the experience stress-free.


4. Wedding Favors

Gathering items to make the perfect wedding favors is a fun and safe DIY project that is nearly impossible to go wrong. Although wedding favors are not essential, your guest will simply enjoy them no matter what they are. A nice treat at the end of the reception is a small treat for guests’ enjoyment. Pack a few pieces of baked goods into a clear party favor bag, a mason jar, or a small to-go box to go. Whether you choose to bake the goodies yourself or buy them, you can’t go wrong with snacks Other simple party favor ideas include candles with the wedding couple’s initials on them to commemorate the special occasion or even a small empty planting pot with a pack of seeds in it to symbolize growing love.



What to Not DIY


1. Wedding Dress

Although the thought of creating your wedding gown is a beautiful idea, it is not for everyone. Unless you are already a seamstress and know how to perfect your gown, then perhaps leave it to the professionals. Generally, we tend to be our biggest critics, and perfecting a gown can take up months of wedding planning, and can be an overwhelming project. If you have an idea of what your perfect dress looks like, travel to a local seamstress or designer and see what they can do for you.


2. Floral Arrangements

The task of creating your floral arrangements is tempting, especially due to the prices of flowers being a massive budgetary expense. Putting together your flower arrangements can lead to you staying up hours the night before your wedding trying to finish these tasks perhaps along with others. If you have an idea of your color scheme and flowers you would love to have, go to your local florist for a quote. Perhaps even be flexible with what you want, so that the florist can better assist in alternative and less costly ways to make your dream arrangements come true.


3. Hair and Make-up

On your wedding day, you should be as free from to-do obligations as possible. This day is about you, and you deserve to be pampered. Although you might prefer to do your hair and make-up to your liking, the assistance of a professional can ensure there are no beauty mishaps. Sit back and relax on your wedding day. After months of preparation, you deserve to treat yourself.