Why You Should Hire a Bartender for Your Wedding


Alcohol and bar services take up a large portion of the wedding budget. In an attempt to cut down on costs, many couples consider the idea of not hiring a bartender for their wedding and opting for a self-serve bar instead. While it may seem like a good idea at first, a bartender provides a lot of necessary services that you might not even be considering. They are there to keep the drinks flowing and the bar running smoothly! These are the top reasons why you should hire a bartender for your celebration.


A Professional Can Help You Get the Right Amount of Alcohol

There’s a good chance you don’t have much experience buying alcohol for a large celebration, and it can be tricky to estimate exactly how much you’ll need. A professional bartender will lead you in the right direction, and may even be able to help with placing orders. They might also have useful tips that’ll help you get the best deals on alcohol, and will likely be able to tell you which stores allow you to return unopened bottles after the event.


You’ll Get Higher-Quality Drinks

If you’re serving more than beer and wine, you’ll want someone behind the bar who actually knows how to whip up a delicious cocktail – that’s what they are trained to do! If you want to celebrate over great drinks, you’ll want a professional who can deliver.


You Won’t Have to Worry About Over Serving

A self-serve bar can get dangerous. People don’t always realize just how much alcohol they are mixing into their drink, which can lead to an uncomfortable and unsafe situation. A professional bartender is able to serve a responsible amount of alcohol, and can deal with guests who may be trying to drink one drink too many.


A Bartender Will Keep the Bar Running Smoothly

You might start the night with a well-stocked and organized bar filled with all the necessities (such as ice, napkins, a proper glassware). However, as the night goes on and more guests make their way to the bar, these necessities are slowly going to dwindle down. You’ll need at least one bartender who can make sure the bar is restocked with alcohol and tools when necessary to keep the drinks flowing.


A Bartender Will Clear Away Empty Glasses and Keep the Bar Organized

Sure, your catering team may be able to help with those extra glasses if you don’t have a bartender on-duty, but they’ll already be busy dealing with serving food and clearing away dishes from the meal. Bartenders will help keep empty glasses off the bar and other tables to keep the space clutter-free. They can also keep all bottles in order behind the bar – it can get messy when you’re doing a self-serve station.


Someone Needs to Set-Up and Breakdown the Bar

If you opt for a self-serve bar, you’ll need someone to be in charge of both setting up and breaking down the bar – which can be a tedious task when there is already so much else that needs to get done. By hiring a professional bartender, you won’t have to worry about set-up or breakdown. These tasks will be left in very capable hands.


Some Venues Have Bartender Requirements

If those benefits aren’t enough to convince you, keep this in mind: many venues require that you have a licensed bartender if any alcohol is being served at your wedding. Check the requirements of your venue, and be sure to see if you have to hire someone who is on the venue’s staff.


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