10 Delicious Edible Wedding Favors


Many couples face the challenge of trying to decide on the perfect wedding favor. After all, you want to express your gratitude to your guests for coming to celebrate your marriage with you! If you’re looking to give your guests a wedding favor they’ll truly love, an edible favor is the way to go – no one can say no to a sweet treat or a savory snack! There are plenty of options when it comes to edible wedding favors, and many couples will find a choice that perfectly fits their theme and wedding aesthetic. Here are a few edible wedding favor ideas that your guests will love!


Fresh Baked Cookies

This is a classic treat that no one will be able to resist! If you have a knack for baking (and some extra time on your hands), you can make a batch yourself for a personal touch. Otherwise, find a local bakery known for delicious cookies. Pack them up in a gift box or bag, and maybe consider pairing them with a small glass bottle or carton of milk.


Jar of Jam

Jam is a great edible wedding favor idea, as it’s something guests can use on a variety of snacks. Find a company in the area that makes high-quality jam to give guests a flavor of the town.


BBQ Sauce

Throwing a laid-back wedding with some delicious BBQ food? Let the memories of the celebration continue for days to come by giving guests bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce. Like jam, it’s a great condiment to gift since it can be used in so many different ways.


Bag of Popcorn

If a buttery bucket of popcorn is your go-to snack at the movies, a freshly popped bag of popcorn is a great snack for guests to enjoy on their way home. If freshly popped popcorn isn’t an option, you can also use bags or packets to seal a serving of any type of popcorn you’d like!


Chocolate Bars

Consider yourself a chocoholic? Then a chocolate bar is the perfect sweet treat to give guests! You can even make a custom label that has your names and the wedding date on it. You can take a DIY approach to the label, but there are also companies that can create these labels for you.


Seasonal Fruit

It may seem simple, but nothing is more delectable than some local, in season fruit. Put together small gift crates or baskets with some of your favorite fruit that is in season and local to your area.


French Macarons

French macarons are a tasty treat that everyone will love! They are particularly great for spring and summer weddings, but they can be enjoyed year-round. Since they come in so many different colors and flavors, it is easy to customize these treats to match your wedding color palette.


Herbed Roasted Almonds

Your guests will finish this mouth-watering savory snack before they even get home! Herbed roasted almonds are easy to make in a large batch at home, so this is the perfect edible wedding favor for those that want to take a DIY approach. Simply wrap them in decorative paper or plastic bags and they’re ready to go!


Mini Pies

Let guests enjoy a sweet treat on their way home by giving them single-serving miniature pies from a local bakery (or even ones that you made yourself!). Wrap them up in small gift boxes for the perfect presentation.


Honey Jars

Add a sweet final touch to your celebration by giving guests jars of honey from a local company. This simple and delicious edible wedding favor will satisfy every guests’ sweet tooth!


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