4 Reasons to Hire Live Musicians for Your Wedding Ceremony


Many couples are surprised by just how many decisions have to be made when it comes to the music at their wedding. DJ or live band? Who’ll play at cocktail hour? What type of music do we want at our reception?

Unfortunately, the decisions don’t get easier when it comes to the ceremony music. In addition to choosing the right songs, you have to decide whether you want live musicians to play, or if you’ll have a DJ or a pre-recorded playlist. If you’re considering hiring live musicians for your wedding ceremony, here are four points that might make that decision a little bit easier.


Ceremony Musicians Add Romance and Elegance to the Event

By hiring trained, professional ceremony musicians, you’ll be adding an elegant flair to the wedding that you simply won’t get with pre-recorded music. They’ll elevate the ceremony and set the tone for the whole event, and make your ceremony that much more special.


You Won’t Have to Worry About Transitions

If you’re playing a pre-recorded playlist during your ceremony, you have to get the transitions just right so that the correct music is playing when each person walks down the aisle. Professional ceremony musicians are able to adapt and adjust the music to ensure the right music is playing at every moment.


You’ll Have a Unique and Customizable Ceremony Experience

Ceremony musicians work for any style of ceremony, no matter how casual or upscale it may be. Couples are able to choose the exact musicians and music they want, making the whole ceremony music experience very customizable.

For starters, you have your choice of instruments when it comes to choosing your ceremony musicians. Maybe you’ll hire a harpist, a vocalist with a violinist, a string quartet, a ukulele, or an acoustic guitarist. By choosing performers that fit your ceremony style, you’ll have control over the overall ambience of the event.

In addition to choosing what type of instruments and performers you want at your ceremony, you’ll also have control over the songs that they play. Ceremony musicians will come with a portfolio of songs they’ve perfected, and may even be able to learn a new song at your request. They’ll also add their own flair to these songs, making them that much more unique than a pre-recorded song that everyone has already heard. When interviewing potential ceremony musicians, be sure to ask to see their portfolio of songs.


You Won’t Need to Worry About Technical Difficulties

If you’re playing a playlist over your venue’s A/V system, you run the risk of something going wrong technically. The last thing you want is you or a family member trying to fiddle with the music in the middle of the ceremony! Sure, an amp being used by a live musician could malfunction, but professional musicians will know how to quickly resolve the issue without missing a beat.


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