6 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Experience



When planning your wedding, it is important to find ways to incorporate personal touches. It is easy to get caught up in logistics and big picture tasks, and sometimes personalizing the reception and ceremony can get left behind. Personal wedding elements are important for making a wedding feel authentically true to the couple, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to bring in these details. Here are some unique and simple ways to tie in your personal style as a couple so that your wedding celebration feels truly reflective of you.

Incorporate Heirlooms

Tie in heirlooms from both sides of the family to bring in the roots of both the bride and groom. It is a great way to cover your “something old”, “something borrowed”, and maybe even “something blue”! Accessories are always easy to incorporate—a grandmother’s piece of fine jewelry can be attached to the bridal bouquet, or the bride can wear a beautiful necklace borrowed from her mother or future mother-in-law. The groom can even participate by borrowing a vintage pocket watch or locket and carrying it in his jacket.


While accessories are often the go-to, it is easy to tie in other pieces as well. Gather cozy blankets and quilts from family homes to help guests keep warm as the night gets cooler. If someone owns a nice set of china or champagne glasses that have been in the family for years, use them at the sweetheart table. The options are endless when it comes to family heirlooms, so take inventory of what you have and how you can uniquely tie it into your celebration.


Liven Up the Space with Custom Signage

Custom signs are a great way to add a personal touch. Whether you want to display your name or incorporate your favorite quote, there are a variety of ways to do so that can fit with your style. Neon signs add a vibrant pop to any ceremony or reception, moss letters can be great for nature-loving couples, and monogram lighting can add life to the dance floor or walls.


Decorate with Family and Friends Photos

Bringing in photos of family and friends will help add a sentimental element to your celebration, and guests will love the trip down memory lane. Add photos throughout your space, like at tables or the bar. You can even dedicate a section to photos by bringing in a shelf to display all of the memories. For a sweet personal touch, use frames from your families to display the photos.


Create a Unique Guest Book Signing Experience

Guest books provide a wonderful way for your friends and family to share their best wishes, and there are fun options beyond the classic signature book. Coosa Designs, for example, creates unique drop box guest books, where guests can sign a small wooden heart (or token of any shape!) and then drop it into a picture frame. The frame can be customized to fit your style, so you’ll leave your wedding with a piece of art that you’ll love to display in your home.


Jam Out to Your Favorite Music

The music at your wedding reception should reflect your own tastes, so create an entertainment experience that truly shows off your style as a couple. Don’t think you need to stick to popular music if it isn’t what you rock out to—it is your wedding, so feel free to play the music that you actually love! Whether you go for a live band or a DJ, work with the professional to curate a list of music that you actually enjoy.


Gift a Personal Wedding Favor

Think of a wedding favor that can reflect you as a couple. Want to share some of your roots? Gift some goodies from a local shop that is representative of your city, like artisan olive oil, scented candles, or jam. Do both of you have a major sweet tooth? Let your guests go home with your favorite dessert or candy—a shop like Custom Jar Cakes by Carmen is a great place to find a perfectly transportable dessert gift!


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