7 Creative Wedding Sign Ideas


Most couples will need to incorporate wedding signs into their celebration to help guests know what to do and where to go. Even if signs aren’t a necessity for you, it is fun to incorporate decorative signage that elevates the decor of your wedding! Whether you use these to welcome your guests to your ceremony, lead them towards the party at your reception, or share a favorite quote (or a cheeky joke), these wedding signs will help communicate important info in a stylish way.


Wood Planks

There are plenty of ways to use wood planks to create a sign. Keep it simple by painting your message on a single wooden rectangle, or create a sign with arrows pointing in different directions so that guests know where to find everything around the venue. Be sure to also use a type of wood that matches the style of your wedding. Make a wooden wedding sign your own by dressing it up with garlands, twinkle lights, nautical ropes – anything that matches your wedding aesthetic!


Vintage or Modern Mirrors

A mirror sign will fit just about any aesthetic. Use a gold ornate framed mirror for a vintage glam affair, or a simple and sleek mirror for a modern celebration. Write your message on the mirror with a chalk pen or oil-based marker. You’ll be able to wash these off, which is ideal if you’re renting or want to reuse the mirror in your home.


Neon Signs

If you’re looking for a fun and modern way to liven up an empty wall in your reception venue, a neon sign is a great way to go. Neon signs work best with fewer words, so create a sign with your names, wedding hashtag, or a short saying (like “Cheers!” at the bar). They are also perfect for a photo booth backdrop.


Decorative Frames

Frame your message with a gorgeous picture frame that matches your wedding style. Take out the backing and write directly on the glass for a cool see-through effect. As is the case with mirrors, you can write your message on the glass using chalk pens or oil-based markers.



If you (or someone close to you) has calligraphy and drawing skills, a chalkboard is a great option to use as a wedding sign. Besides writing your message on it, make it your own by drawing decorative elements around the border, such as flowers or geometric shapes.


Hanging Banner

Getting married in an area with a lot of trees? Use the branches to your advantage by hanging banner signs from them. You can also use other structures around the venue to hang up your banner, such as an outdoor pergola.


Elevated A-Frame

You may associate A-frame signs with retail stores, but you can deck them out to make them a little more special. Once you’ve printed your message on the sign, add fresh florals to the top, or drape a gorgeous garland on it to make it stand out.


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