Tips for Designing Your Wedding Bar


The bar will be a central area during your wedding reception, so you’ll want to make sure it looks its best! The bar design should tie in with the rest of your venue so that it seamlessly fits with your wedding aesthetic. If you are serving alcohol at your wedding, these are a few tips and tricks for making your bar stand out.


Consider the Layout

Before getting into the details of how to make your bar area look great, you need to decide where you will actually place your bar. Pick an area that has enough space for people to wait in line – you don’t want it to get uncomfortably crowded around the bar. If you are throwing a larger wedding with more than one bar, consider placing the bars in different areas of the venue. This will help prevent traffic in one area of the reception space.


Find a Bar that Matches Your Aesthetic

If your venue doesn’t have a bar (or it does, but it just doesn’t work with your style), the first thing you’ll need to do is find a portable bar to rent that matches your wedding aesthetic. For a modern twist on the wedding bar, consider a renovated camper or vintage car bar – check out In Good Spirits in Athens, Fête Chalet in Savannah, or Kombi Keg in Atlanta. For a more classic approach to the bar experience, look into different rentable portable bar styles, like a rustic barrel bar or a skirted bar. You can even use an atypical bar surface, like a large vintage dresser (just be sure to include any additional storage and surfaces behind the “bar” to make your bartender’s job easier!). Once you pick a foundation, you can build your bar style from there.


Add Natural Elements

You naturally may want to include floral arrangements in or around the bar space. If you’re looking for something a bit outside of the box, consider putting potted plants on the bar, such as trendy succulents or cascading ferns. An expertly placed garland will also look gorgeous strewn across the bar. Even in-season fruits and vegetables can add to the decor. Consider pineapples for a summer wedding, or pumpkins for a fall wedding.


Embellish with Signage

A fun sign at the front of the bar will make the area pop. A neon sign will light the way towards the celebratory drinks, or a classic wood sign will add a gorgeous touch. Consider a sign that says “Cheers!”, your wedding hashtag, or a monogram of your initials.


Pick the Right Glassware

Your bar glasses aren’t simply functional – they’ll serve as decor, as well! In order to give your bar a boost, pick out stunning glassware that works well with your wedding style or theme. For example, if you’re going for a vintage eclectic vibe, consider using mismatched colored glasses for your drinks. Serving Moscow mules? Break out copper mugs that will give your bar a splash of metallic color.


Have Fun with Practical Elements

You’ll likely want to include napkins and straws, so why not use them to add to the design? Consider paper straws that match your color scheme, or napkins with your monogram printed on. These small details will make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of the bar.


Don’t Forget Behind the Bar

Be sure to give some attention to the area behind the bar, as well. Practically, you may want to include some sort of shelving (like an etagere) to store extra glassware and alcohol bottles. You can elevate this space by adding decor elements, like mirrors, frames, floral arrangements, or candles. Alternatively, you may want to add a moveable wall to help close-off the behind-the-bar area. A greenery or floral wall is super trendy and helps to bring the outdoors inside while adding texture and color.


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