Digital Wedding Invites: The Pros and Cons


In the modern age, just about every couple is using the power of the internet to help plan their wedding. Many look through wedding websites over magazines for inspiration, and even use online tools to stay organized. For some couples, the use of the internet in wedding planning even extends to the wedding invitations.

Digital wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular, and many soon-to-be-newlyweds love the ease of this budget-friendly invitation method. Of course, while there are benefits to digital wedding invites, there are also a few drawbacks. If you’re considering sending out digital wedding invitations, here are some pros and cons that you should keep in mind.


The Pros of Digital Wedding Invites

  • They are more eco-friendly: Sending out digital invites is a great way to cut back on your waste. If you are keeping sustainability in mind while planning your wedding, paperless wedding invites are a great choice!
  • They have a simpler RSVP system: Most online wedding invitation platforms will digitally track the RSVPs for you, so you won’t need to worry about making your own spreadsheet to account for RSVPs.
  • You’ll spend less time on invitations: Besides not having to track RSVP cards yourself, you won’t have to worry about any of the less exciting tasks that come with physical invitations. No stuffing envelopes or attaching postage for you!
  • You’ll save money: No postage, printing costs, or envelopes means your invitation budget will be a lot smaller! Digital wedding invites are free or low cost (depending on the platform), so they are the more budget-friendly


The Cons of Digital Wedding Invites

  • You may need to track down less tech-savvy guests: While most guests will be able to receive and RSVP to your digital wedding invitation without a hitch, you may need to spend some extra time reaching out to any of your less tech-savvy guests to ensure they get all necessary information and are able to RSVP.
  • Some guests may forget to RSVP without a physical reminder: You can remedy this by sending out reminders via email, but some guests may be less on top of their RSVP without a physical invitation.
  • You may have an issue with spam filters: One of the biggest drawbacks of digital invitations is that there is a possibility your invitation will go into some guests’ spam folders. This means you may need to communicate with some guests who haven’t responded to your invitation to make sure they actually received it.
  • Digital invites are less traditional: If you love the idea of a traditional wedding, a digital invite may simply not fit into your style or aesthetic. Digital invites also have less of the pomp and circumstance that paper invitations do.



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