Do You Need Both an Engagement and Wedding Ring?


Once you’re engaged and sporting a gorgeous engagement ring, you might start to wonder…do you really need to get a wedding ring, too? For some brides, it is an obvious “of course!” For others, it might seem like an unnecessary addition when you already have a beautiful engagement ring. Read on if you are stuck between keeping with tradition or forgoing the wedding ring.


The Pro-Wedding Ring Side

Of course, there is the argument of tradition. Traditionally, the bride will receive a coordinating band that is simpler than the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. That ring is then worn stacked with the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. Once you are wearing the two, you aren’t simply engaged – it is a symbol that you are finally married!


Of course, you don’t have to stick with the rules when it comes to wearing your rings on the same finger. Many brides are choosing to stick with the tradition of having a wedding ring, but wearing the two rings in a way that works best for them. Some brides choose to have a wedding ring, but wear it on a different finger than the engagement ring. Others even prefer to just wear them separately, depending on what clothing they are wearing and what they are doing.


If you’re on the fence about getting a wedding ring, there is the practical side to consider. For those brides who don’t always want to wear a larger engagement ring, or the ones who would prefer not to travel with theirs, a wedding band can be a great, simpler placeholder that can still serve as a symbol of your marriage.


The Argument for Skipping the Wedding Ring

On the other side of the spectrum, some brides choose to skip the wedding ring altogether. Brides are more involved in the engagement ring decision process than they were in the past. For many, the engagement ring perfectly reflects their style – and they don’t feel a need to add anything on top.


There is also the argument of simplicity. There is one less ring to have to clean, and one less ring to have to worry about losing! For those who aren’t avid ring wearers in the first place, having two might feel like more than necessary. It also eliminates the need to search for a wedding ring that matches and physically fits with the engagement ring. Plus, by not spending money on another ring, you can put the money towards the wedding or honeymoon.


Making Your Wedding Ring Decision

When it comes down to it, the decision whether to get a wedding ring or not depends entirely on your personal style, preferences, and lifestyle. If you don’t feel super excited about wearing another ring, then don’t feel pressured to do so! At the ceremony, your spouse could use your engagement ring during the ring exchange. You could also choose to exchange something else – or skip the exchanging altogether! Do what feels best for you.


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