Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, Atlanta couples have a lot of options. Finding the perfect ring isn’t always easy, but it should be a fun adventure. Need tips to help you? Then, check out the following vendors and keep reading for more ideas.

Create a Budget

The old school rules used to say you should spend two months salary on a wedding ring, and if you can afford it, why not? You’re planning to be together forever, and a beautiful ring that expresses the extent of your love is the perfect way to kick off your relationship.

However, that rule certainly isn’t set in stone–it’s actually based on an old ad campaign from the 40s. If you want to start your marriage debt-free, choose an engagement ring that makes that possible. Regardless of how much you spend, deciding on a budget in advance makes shopping easier.

Get Ideas

When shopping for engagement rings Atlanta couples often head to the stores together. There, they can get ideas and talk about what they like. Bridal shows are also a great place to start the search because you can meet with multiple vendors all under one roof. However, if you want the element of surprise, you may not want to shop together.

To get ideas on what your partner wants, ask a few questions like “Do you like Princess Diana’s engagement ring or Jackie Kennedy’s ring better?” Also, pay attention to the styles your partner embraces with their other jewelry choices. Do they like lots of bling or subtle stones? Yellow gold, white gold, or other metals? Your partner’s current jewelry collection can help steer you in the right direction.

Hone in on the Right Diamond

The majority of engagement rings Atlanta jewelry stores sell feature diamonds. While some couples go a different direction, this is still the most popular option. Before looking at diamonds, you may want to refresh your knowledge about the four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Cut refers to the angles in the stone, and a well cut diamond reflects a lot of light. Color is simply the color of the diamond, and that boils down to personal preference. Maybe, your fiancé wants a classic white diamond, an elusive colorless diamond, or a rare blue diamond. Clarity is how clear the diamond is, and for best results, you want a one or two on the clarity scale.

Carat is the weight of the diamond. Generally, the more carats, the more expensive the diamond is, but if you’re on a budget, the right setting can make the diamond look bigger and heavier.

Choose a Shape

Finally, when choosing an engagement ring, Atlanta shoppers need to pick a shape. The round diamond is timeless, while the princess cut tends to be the most popular. There are also pear, oval, and heart shaped diamonds.

Ready to look at engagement rings? To get started, come to the Georgia Bridal Show or visit any of the vendors listed on this page. If you’re a vendor who wants more exposure, contact us to get listed on our site or to exhibit at one of our upcoming bridal shows.

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D. Geller & Son
Smyrna, GA

D. Geller &Son has over thirty staff members whose knowledge, passion, and excellence in their respective fields has helped establish D. Geller &Son as one of the South East’s finest full service jewelry stores. Together they help fulfill D. Geller &Son’s one irrefutable philosophy: To provide the best service at the lowest prices!~

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David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry
Marietta, GA

Custom Design is something that really sets us apart from other jewelry stores – we do every step of the process in-house (the sketches, CAD, wax printing, casting, etc.). Stemming from our passion for unique designs, we created a custom collection called TrixieBelle, a fun and flirty jewelry line.  Inspired by simple, classic designs that will last generations, the entire …

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