Essential Details to Include On Your Wedding Website


The emergence of wedding websites has been a huge blessing for soon-to-be-married couples around the world. These sites make it easy for brides and grooms to relay all necessary information to guests in a streamlined manner. By creating a well-thought-out wedding website, you’ll lessen the chance of being bombarded by questions from guests about the location, attire, registry, and so on. If you are about to create your wedding website, be sure to include these important details to make the site both useful and personal!

The Obvious Details

Of course, the most important details to include on your wedding website relate to the logistics of the actual celebration. Include the RSVP date, location of your ceremony and reception venue(s), date of the celebration, and timing of the day-of events. Guests don’t need a full rundown of the events of the day, but it is nice to let them know what they should expect, such as if and when you’ll be moving from the ceremony site to the reception site, or if a cocktail hour will occur before or after the ceremony. Be sure to double-check any addresses you list—plug them into Google Maps to make sure you didn’t miss a number or spell a street name wrong!


You’ll also want to include appropriate attire for the celebration near these details, as well as any clothing or shoe recommendations based on your venue. For example, if you suspect it might get a bit chilly during your early evening lakeside ceremony, make sure guests know to bring something to keep themselves warm. If you’ll be celebrating in a grassy or sandy area at any point, make sure the ladies know to wear appropriate shoes.


Guests coming in from out of town might not be very familiar with the area, so make a note of some great places to stay. You may want to include a few options at different budget points so that everyone is taken care of. If you’ve arranged for any discounted room blocks, be sure to tell guests about any discount codes to use when booking the room.

Transportation and Directions

If you are arranging for transportation from certain hotels to your venue, be sure to list out all the details, such as the pick up spot, time it will depart, and what vehicle guests should look for. You’ll also want to make it clear what time the transportation vehicles will be returning at the end of the celebrations.


For guests who are driving themselves, be sure to make the directions incredibly clear. This is especially important for venues that are a bit tucked away. If there are multiple routes, specify the most direct or easiest to access option. Also give guests all the necessary details on parking at your venue. If you are using a section of a larger venue, ensure you make it clear where to go once guests have arrived at the location.


Map of Important Spots

Create a map of the essential spots for your wedding weekend so that guests can get the lay of the land. This should include your ceremony and reception venue(s), hotels you’ve recommended, and spots where you’ve arranged for transportation to pick guests up (if applicable).

Things To Do in the Area

This is especially important if you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town. Make note of your favorite places to eat (both casual and more upscale), fun activities to do in the area, or any important landmarks in your city that guests should check out. If you have families with younger children attending your wedding, be sure to list family-friendly spots as well, such as kid-friendly restaurants or parks.


This also gives you a sweet opportunity to highlight some of the important spots to you as a couple, such as the restaurant where you had your first date, or your go-to sports bar for rooting on your favorite team.

Wedding Gift Registry

While it typically isn’t considered appropriate to include your registry information on your actual invitation, it is fine to include it on your wedding website—and actually encouraged! This way, guests can easily pick out exactly what they wish to gift you, and won’t have to ask around for the registry info. Most wedding websites will embed your registry into the site (or allow you to link to your registry site), so your wedding registry will just be a few clicks away.


Online RSVP Capabilities

By adding RSVP capabilities to your wedding website, you’ll save your guests some time—and yourself some serious money by not having to pay for return postage! Most wedding website companies will offer an RSVP function that allows guests to mark if they’ll be attending, and note dietary restrictions and their meal choice. This information will be digitally given to you, so you’ll have a much more streamlined RSVP process that doesn’t require you to physically sort through cards.


Wedding Party and Personal Details

By Including these details, you give your guests a chance to become more familiar with the two of you as a couple, as well as the important people in the wedding party. If you’d like, you can include a sweet story about how you met or your proposal, alongside a gallery of photos of the two of you throughout your relationship. For the wedding party information, consider including photos of you with each member of the group, as well as a short story about how you know each other.


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