Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Farm Wedding

*Photo via The Farm at Silver Creek

If you’re aiming for a wedding aesthetic with a bit of rustic charm, a farm wedding is the way to go. The laid-back feel and breathtaking landscape convinces many couples to commit to a farm wedding, but there are some unique obstacles that need to be considered. Here are a few tips and things you should keep in mind when planning a farm wedding.


Make Room in Your Budget for Barn-Specific Needs

If your venue doesn’t solely operate as an event space, there is a good chance your farm wedding venue won’t have many of the basic event items that other venues have. This includes furniture, like chairs, tables, and any other large pieces of furniture you’ll need to fill out the space. You may also need to bring in other necessities, like lighting, extra tents for catering prep, or generators. On top of that, if the space doesn’t have enough restrooms for your guest count (or if you’re working with outhouses), you may also need to rent portable restrooms. This means you’ll need to make room in your budget to rent furniture and other necessities. As you’re meeting with coordinators at potential venues, be sure to ask them about what they have on-site, and what you’d need to bring in.


Check if There is a Full Kitchen

If you’re bringing your own catering service, you’ll need to determine what the kitchen space looks like – if there even is one. If not, you’ll need to work with your caterer and the venue on-site coordinator to figure out where you can set up the kitchen work space, and what equipment you’ll need to rent.


Assess the Parking Situation

The farm venue may not have a large enough parking lot for your guests. If it doesn’t, you’ll likely need to hire a shuttle service and bring guests in from an outside parking lot or hotel. Of course, this is an added expense that you’ll need to account for in your wedding budget.


Prepare for Summer Heat

If you’re planning a summer farm wedding, it is essential that you are prepared to keep guests comfortable. The barn space may not have the best cross ventilation, so you may need to bring in larger fans to keep guests cool while they party on the dance floor. While outdoors, it’s a good idea to provide handheld fans or parasols, as well.


Check if the Barn is Rain-Proof

Some barn structures will keep guests shielded from the rain, but others aren’t as protective. If the barn isn’t rain-proof, have a backup plan in place in case you run into unexpected weather. This likely will mean finding an area where you can set up a tent.


Take Note of the Grounds

Farms naturally don’t always have steady ground and clear walking paths. For everyone’s safety, it’s vital that you have easily walkable grounds at your venue. If there are areas where the ground isn’t very sturdy, you may need to arrange to rent and set up outdoor flooring for your celebration.


Check the Area’s Noise Restrictions

Your farm venue may be in a remote location, but there still may be sound ordinance rules that you need to follow. Check to see if there are any restrictions in your area so that you know exactly when the DJ or band should be wrapping up.


Be Ready to Fight Off Bugs

While the natural setting of a farm is gorgeous, there is one downside you need to prepare for: bugs. It’s a good idea to put citronella candles around the space. Pick some that match your wedding aesthetic, and they can double as decor! You may also want to provide baskets of bug spray so guests can protect themselves if needed.


Plan the Celebrations Around Golden Hour

Gorgeous landscapes and a rustic barn will be elevated when you add the stunning golden hour light to them. In order to get some beautiful photos during golden hour (which is the hour before sunset), plan your timeline so that you and your new spouse can sneak away to capture these shots and take advantage of the light.


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