Festive Design Ideas for Your Fourth of July Weekend Wedding


If you’re throwing your wedding celebration on the Fourth of July weekend, there are a lot of fun and festive design elements you can play around with to honor the summer holiday. For your celebration, consider these design, decor, and food ideas to add a patriotic twist.


Take a Hint from the Red, White, and Blue

Keep in mind that throwing a Fourth of July weekend wedding doesn’t mean you are required to hang up flags everywhere and choose a bright red, white, and blue color palette – although you can if you want! If you want to nod towards the holiday in a more subtle way, consider creating a color palette with more subdued versions of the patriotic hues. Play around with burgundies, navies, baby blues, creams, or other colors to create a color palette that matches the holiday and your personal aesthetic.


Incorporate Stars in Decor

One way to nod to the holiday in a subtle way is to incorporate stars in some of your design elements. It will still feel connected to the Fourth of July, but won’t be as straightforward as using American flags in the design if that isn’t your style. The star theme can start with the invitation, and move into the ceremony and reception. Consider hanging star lanterns, giving out star escort cards, or placing star garlands on the tables.


Provide Festive Parasols

Since you’re throwing a wedding in the summer, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be working with warmer weather and a bright sun. To keep guests cool and protected from the sun, provide parasols that they can use when they are outdoors. Coordinate them with your color palette to provide a nice pop of color and texture in the photos.


Enjoy Summer Berries

The warmer months bring in delicious raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries that can easily be incorporated in your food. Not only are they refreshing, but they also perfectly coordinate with a patriotic color palette! Consider offering berry parfaits, berry pies, or even including them in your wedding cake. At the bar, work with your bartender to create signature drinks centered around some of these flavorful fruits.


Add Color to Your Cake

One of the easiest ways to add some patriotic flair to your celebration is to focus on your wedding cake. A popular option is a red velvet cake. Leave it naked so that the red color can shine. You could also add red, white, and blue flowers to a more neutral cake, or top with colorful berries.


Dress the Groom and Groomsmen in Playful Socks

For a touch of patriotism, find some fun socks for the groom and groomsmen to wear. You can go classic with American flag socks, or find another playful pattern that matches the color palette.


Go Red or Blue with Bride and Bridesmaid Shoes

For the bridal party, consider picking out some fun flats or heels that match the color palette. The bride may want to opt for shoes in a shade of blue to also cover her “something blue” – a win-win!


End the Day with Fireworks

Of course, it isn’t a true 4th of July celebration without fireworks. Whether your wedding is actually on the Fourth of July or during the holiday weekend, add some patriotic sparkle to the celebration. Be sure to check local laws to make sure you’re allowed to shoot fireworks and that you follow proper protocol. If an actual fireworks show isn’t an option, consider handing out sparklers for guests to light as you make your exit.


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