How to Create Your Wedding Hashtag


Since social media hashtags have come into the picture, the concept of creating a wedding hashtag has become increasingly popular. While some couples are able to think of a witty wedding hashtag effortlessly, others agonize over the task of picking the perfect option. If you’re part of the latter group, here are a few tips that will help you create your wedding hashtag.


Start with the Basics

To get the creative juices flowing, start by writing down a few foundational details: your first and last names, any nicknames you might have, and your wedding date. You may also want to try to work in your wedding location, especially if you’re having your celebration at a unique venue or hosting a destination wedding. Write down other key facts about your relationship, such as where you met or the year you started dating. With these details, start writing out hashtag ideas. Don’t judge what comes up – sure, some won’t be winners, but this brainstorming session will help you get closer to finding your perfect match.


Skip Words or Names that are Hard to Spell

If you or your fiancé has a long first or last name that isn’t easy to spell, it’s best to leave it out of the hashtag. The same goes for words that are more complicated. It’ll increase the chance of guests misspelling the hashtag, meaning it won’t show up with the other properly hashtagged photos on social media. Or, they may not even bother using the hashtag if they don’t have it in front of them because they aren’t sure how to spell it! It is best to go with a hashtag that you know people will easily be able to spell.


Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

You don’t need to work on this alone! Bring in a few creative family members and friends to work on your hashtag. Give them the basic details you’re working with, as well as some of the ideas you’ve already come up with, and see if they can create some fun wedding hashtag options.


Try a Wedding Hashtag Generator

These can be a hit or a miss, but it’s worth a shot! There are plenty of free wedding hashtag generators online. They’ll ask you a few basic details, and then create a list of options for you. Even if you aren’t sold on any of the generated hashtags, they can serve as a jumping off point.


Don’t Feel Tied to a Witty Hashtag

Sure, witty wedding hashtags are fun, but you don’t want to spend hours thinking of a hilarious hashtag. Sometimes simple is best! After all, the purpose of a wedding hashtag is to have all media from your guests in one place on social media – the actual hashtag isn’t that important. Something like #JoeAndSarahGetHitched, #JoeAndSarahSayIDo, #Mr.AndMrs.Griffin2021, #GriffinWedding2021 will do the trick.


Check for Existing Hashtags and Add Numbers to Make it Unique

Once you’ve narrowed down to a final few options, check on social media to see if any of your options have already been used by another couple. This is particularly important to do if you’re going with a simpler hashtag option. In order to ensure you and your guests are the only ones using your hashtag, you may want to add numbers to it to make it more unique. Many couples will add the year or even the whole date to the end of the hashtag to make it more specific to them.


Be Sure Guests are Actually Aware of Your Hashtag

It’s one task creating your wedding hashtag, but it’s another trying to get guests to actually use it. Find ways to gently remind guests of your hashtag so that it stays fresh in their minds. Put it on your invitation and wedding website. Start using it in your social media posts about wedding prep. You can even put it on signs, print it on napkins, and write it on photo booth props at your actual wedding. The more ubiquitous it is, the more likely people will use it.


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