How to Handle Sending Wedding Invites to B-List Guests

You’ve created your guest list. You’ve sent out your save the dates, and then eventually your gorgeous wedding invitations. You’re starting to get back your RSVPs and, inevitably, some invited guests say they won’t be able to attend. Now there is room to invite more guests – but how do you do so tactfully (and without making things awkward)? Here are a few tips that will make inviting your B-list wedding guests a breeze.


Don’t Mention a B-List

There’s no need to tell B-list guests that they are on the “second tier” of your guest list. Many guests may not even realize that they are on the B-list – particularly if you follow the advice below! Others may realize it (or at least have their suspicions), but likely will be understanding, especially if they aren’t a close friend. There’s a good chance no one will even bring it up anyway, so don’t feel the need to explain or mention it!


Stay Consistent with which Groups are on the B-List

The best way to avoid any awkward tension with B-list guests is to keep “types” of guests that communicate frequently with each other on the same list. For example, if you need to cut down on your A-list guest list, put all of your co-workers on the B-list, rather than just a few. That way, you don’t have one invited coworker asking another uninvited coworker about their outfit for the wedding – leading to an uncomfortable situation. Plus, you can more easily explain that you needed to limit the amount of guests to your closest friends and family, but that you were thankfully able to accommodate more (if that conversation even comes up).


Create a Plan Early and Prioritize B-List Guests

Once you’ve decided when you’re sending your initial wedding invitations, be sure you also set a deadline for when you need to send out any B-list invitations by (a bit more on that in the next points). You don’t want to get too close to the date and then realize you didn’t extend invitations to your B-list guests. If you don’t give them enough time, they likely won’t be able to make it!

Within your secondary guest list, you should also prioritize who you’ll invite if only a few spots open up. Do this early on, like when you’re creating your guest list. That way, once you know you have some space, you will be able to make moves immediately and send the next wave of wedding invitations out.


Send Out A-List Invitations Early

Getting the timing right with A-list and B-list invitations can be tricky. For couples that have a B-list, it is important to get the initial round of wedding invitations for A-list guests out on the earlier side. Send out your A-list invitations approximately a month earlier than you normally would so that you can give yourself extra time to send out B-list invitations. An added bonus: if you stay on track with sending out your invitations early, it is likely that B-list guests may not even realize they were on the secondary list in the first place!


Consider Creating Two Sets of RSVP Cards

You might be able to use one set of RSVP cards with the same respond by date if you send out your invitations early. However, you can also make two different RSVP cards with different deadlines. For example, you might set the RSVP date to 8 weeks before the wedding for your A-list guests (if you send the invites out 12 weeks before), and then 3 weeks before for your B-list guests (if you give guests about a month before that date to respond). This will give your guests ample time to respond, and will give you ample time to plan accordingly.


Send B-List Invitations as RSVPs Roll In

Don’t wait until you’ve received all of your RSVPs to send any B-list invites. Chances are, many guests will wait until the last minute to send in their responses. Since you’ll have your B-list guests prioritized, send out invites to those at the top of the list as soon as you receive “no” RSVPs. Be sure to stay organized and keep track of who you’ve sent invitations to.


Order Extra Invitations

By the way – be sure you’ve ordered extra invitations to send in the first place! The most budget-friendly option is to order all of your stationery at once so that you don’t need to pay for shipping or smaller-batch production costs for just a few invites.


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