How to Keep Your Guests Dancing During Your Reception

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There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor at a wedding reception. You’ll want your guests to get out of their seats and party the night away with you! But what can you do to ensure you avoid the dreaded ghost town dance floor? Here are a few tips to make sure you and your guests are partying all night long.


Get the Dance Floor Size Just Right

A dance floor that is either too small or too big will make dancing awkward and uncomfortable for many guests – meaning they’ll more likely just hang out at their tables or the bar. When working with your dance floor rental company, you’ll want to ensure you are bringing in a dance floor that is perfectly sized for your guest count. Check out this guide to renting a wedding dance floor for tips on how to get it just right.


Set the Tone During Cocktail Hour

You don’t need to wait until the reception to break out the music. Warm up the guests and get them in a party mood by playing music during the cocktail hour. While you won’t want to be blaring club music (guests should still be able to mingle!), consider hiring live musicians to set the tone and play some ambient music. This will get guests excited to move into the reception space.


Provide Flip Flops

An uncomfortable pair of heels could keep a guest away from the dance floor. Keep guests’ comfort in mind by providing a basket of flip flops (or other flat shoes) that they can slip on before hitting up the dance floor.


Let Guests Fill Out Song Request Cards

The best way to ensure your guests will love the music is by letting them pick some of the songs themselves! Set up a song request station by the DJ so that guests can submit their picks. Some couples will even include a song request line on their RSVP cards so that they can ensure to play every guests’ favorite dance floor track!


Mix Up the Music Styles

While you and your partner may gravitate towards a certain genre of music, be sure to work with your DJ or live band to create a set list filled with a variety of types of songs that will get the guests moving. Certainly play music you love, but be sure to bring in a good mix of different types of genres and music from different time periods. It will keep the night interesting and fun, and keep guests on the dance floor.


Collaborate with Your DJ

While you can certainly offer up your own input (and the input of guests) when it comes to what music you want to play, you should also trust the expertise of the DJ. A talented, professional DJ will know how to read the room and adjust accordingly to get guests dancing. Trust that they know what they’re doing!


Get Out on the Dance Floor

Lead by example! If the newlyweds are dancing, the guests will follow. Be sure to tear up the dance floor with your new spouse – the guests will love the energy and excitement, and will surely come up to join you.

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