How to Pick a Gorgeous Mother of the Bride Dress

*Photo via David’s Bridal

There’s more to the mother of the bride dress than one might think. Of course, the top priority is finding a dress that mom feels confident and comfortable in. However, in order to find an option that perfectly meshes with the wedding style, there are a few more factors that need to be taken into consideration when shopping for the mother of the bride dress. If you are looking for a mother of the bride dress, these tips will make your shopping experience a success and will help you strike the perfect balance between mom’s personal style and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.


Give Yourselves Ample Shopping Time

Just like the wedding dress, the mother of the bride dress may need extra time for custom orders and alterations. Be sure to start the shopping process at least six months prior to the wedding date to avoid any unnecessary stress or last-minute rush fees.


Look at the Color Scheme

It is important that the mother of the bride dress complements the color scheme of the wedding. Look at your colors, and try to steer your mother into certain directions. If you know what color or colors your bridesmaids are wearing, you’ll want to make sure the mother of the bride dress is a different color, or at least a different shade—she should stand out amongst the bridesmaids, not blend in!


Talk About Styles Before Shopping

You’ll want to make sure you are both generally on the same page before hitting up your favorite boutiques. Mom should express what styles she is comfortable and interested in, while the bride should set certain guidelines that will lead to a dress that fits the wedding vibe. As you are talking through ideas, keep the level of formality, the venue (indoors or outdoors?), expected weather, and overall comfort in mind. If you go into the shopping experience with an idea of what the other is expecting, it will be a much smoother process.


Don’t Confine Yourselves to “Mother of the Bride” Looks

There is a very traditional image that comes up when you hear “mother of the bride dress”: lots of beading, thicker fabrics, a bolero or shawl on top. While these styles can look incredible on everyone, they might not necessarily fit the style of your mom—and there is no need to let these stereotypes put her in a box! Approach the shopping experience with a much less limiting mindset. The mother of the bride should be able to wear whatever dress she feels best in (within the guidelines set by the bride, of course). As you are shopping, think more in terms of “formal dress” rather than “mother of the bride dress”. It will help you both expand your horizons, and lead you to a dress that you both love.


Coordinate with Your Future Mother-in-Law

You’ll want to make sure your mother-in-law has the same guidelines as well, so that she and your mom will have looks that complement each other. It is likely that you’ll also want to make sure they aren’t both wearing the same exact color, so that they don’t look too “matchy”. Once your mom has purchased her dress, keep your future mother-in-law in the loop so she has an idea of what to look for. Or, if you are in the same town, you might even consider all going shopping together.


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