Marketing Tips for Bridal Show Vendors

bridal show vendors

Growing your business is never easy, especially in a highly competitive industry like the bridal market. There are a plethora of wedding-related businesses just like yours, so it can be hard to stand out above the crowd. Whether you manage it yourself, work with an agency, or hire an in-house person, marketing is the way to find more leads and convert them into customers. Here are some of our best tips (just for our bridal show vendors!) for rocking your online marketing in the wedding industry!


Social Media

Brides today are digital natives so they turn to social media when starting their search for all things wedding. Make sure you have profiles on all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Upload photos that express the kind of work you love doing. Let people get to know you as the business owner. Depending on the platform, you may want to post just once per day, or a little more often. Your posts should highlight the work you’ve done recently, give some insider tips that relate to your service, or talk about any upcoming events you’ll be at!



It’s hard to get anywhere in today’s age without a website. And even then, just having one isn’t enough. It has to be authoritative, useful, and beautiful. Consider having professional photography done of yourself, your products, or you completing your services. It’s also important to pay for your own domain. This adds credibility to your business. On your website, include separate pages for each of your services. Keep your readers up to date with a weekly blog. You can have more frequent posts, but at least one per week keeps readers (and the search engines!) satisfied.


Bridal Shows

Do some research in your area and find out what bridal shows are near you. If you’re willing to travel to provide services, also check for bridal shows in those cities. If you’d like to test the waters before becoming a bridal show vendor, try a free website listing if that particular show allows it. You can see what kind of traction is available before committing to purchasing a booth at an event, and you’ll see what it’s like to work with that event organizer.

When you’re ready to join the other bridal show vendors, make your booth the best it can be. Go the extra mile for attendees and decorate your booth to best express the vibe of your business. If you’re earthy, bring burlap table runners. If you’re sophisticated, place small trinkets in wine glasses for guests to take home that include your business name, website, social handles, and phone number.


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