Questions to Ask a Potential Destination Wedding Planner


Dreaming about celebrating your marriage at a beautiful, far-away destination? Well, you’ll probably want to bring a destination wedding planner on-board to help you pull it off! But how do you know which wedding professional is right for you? We’ll cover a few of the questions you should ask when interviewing potential destination wedding planners.

Before you head into your meeting, there are a few key details you should know, including your budget, your wedding date (or a few dates, if you haven’t settled on one), approximately how many guests will be invited, and any creative ideas you have for the celebration.


Questions to Ask a Destination Wedding Planner


What is your rate, and is there a deposit?

Of course, it’s important to make sure this destination wedding planner fits into your budget. Be sure you know exactly what this wedding planner charges up front, and that you’re aware of any deposit that needs to be made. Some will offer different planning packages, so make sure you get the info on the full scope of the options available. Also, you should check to see what you’ll need to pay for when the planner travels to your destination. Typically, you should expect to pay for airfare, accommodations, and a per diem.


Does your rate or any of your packages include rehearsal dinner planning?

Some wedding planners include the rehearsal dinner in their rate or packages, but others may require an extra fee. If you plan on using them for your rehearsal dinner, make sure you are aware of any additional rates you’ll need to pay.


Have you worked at our destination and venue before?

While it isn’t essential that the planner has experience with the location, it will be helpful if they have some familiarity with the area. This is especially true if you’re getting married out of the country in an area where another language is spoken. If they don’t have experience with the location, you’ll want to ask a few follow-up questions, such as: Do you have any connections with vendors in the area? If not, how will you go about making those connections? Do you know the marriage license requirements for the location?


What services do you offer?

Destination wedding planners will help with the standard wedding planning services (depending on what specifically you hire them for), but they’ll generally offer other services more specific to destination weddings. This may include helping with marriage requirements for the location, booking accommodations for the wedding party (and possibly the wedding guests), planning other wedding weekend events, and arranging travel plans.


Are you available to help plan honeymoon arrangements, as well?

Many destination wedding planners will also offer honeymoon planning services. If you’re interested in that service, you should check to see if they offer it.


What’s the average budget of the weddings you’ve worked on in the past?

It’s a good idea to work with a planner who has experience planning weddings in your price range. Some will only work with weddings that are within a certain range, so you’ll want to make sure your budget aligns with their work.


Can we see photos of your past work?

You’ll want to see a portfolio of some of the past weddings they’ve planned to make sure they can execute your vision. If possible, ask for photos from weddings they’ve planned in your destination.


Do you have references we can contact?

Anyone can talk the talk, but you’ll get the best insight into how a destination wedding planner works if you get in contact with couples who have worked with them in the past. Be sure to get a few references so that you can do your own research.


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