Sweet Ways to Ask a Flower Girl to Be Part of Your Wedding

*Photo via David’s Bridal

You’ve asked your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be a part of your big day. Now it is time to get the flower girls on board! Of course, you need to take a special approach when it comes to including kids in your wedding. If you need to ask a flower girl to be a part of your celebration, here are a few sweet ideas that will get her excited for the wedding.


A Few Tips

Before diving in, there are a few things you should keep in mind before asking a child to be a flower girl in your wedding:

  • Ask the Parents: Be sure to ask the parents first! Talk to them about what they can expect during the celebration, as well as who else will be involved.
  • Don’t Worry About Super Young Kids: You won’t need to come up with a cute flower girl proposal idea for your niece who just turned 2. Of course, let her parents know that you’d like her to be in the wedding, but don’t stress about coming up with a way to ask her.
  • Wait Until a Few Months Before the Wedding: Ask too early, and the flower girl may lose interest in her role – or forget about it all together! Wait until a few months before the celebration to ask her (but have the parents on board earlier so they can deal with the logistics).


Now, here are a few sweet ideas for asking a flower girl to be in your wedding!


Write a Thoughtful Card

For the older girl who can read, consider giving her a card explaining how honored you would be to have her be a part of your wedding. It will help her understand just how important her job would be, and get her excited to be a part of the wedding! This can be a standalone idea, or you can include it with one of the other ideas mentioned below.


Give Her a Book

You can find children’s books that specifically explain weddings and the role of a flower girl. This is not only a great interactive gift, but also will help the child better understand what her role will be.


Cater to Her Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t like candy or a delicious baked good? Use her sweet tooth to your advantage by “proposing’ with a ring pop, or baking a cake that has “will you be my flower girl?” written in icing.


Pick Out the Perfect Piece of Jewelry

Find a cute piece of jewelry that she’ll love – such as a necklace with her initials or a charm bracelet – to give while you’re asking her to be a part of your wedding day. Choose something that she can wear not only now, but on the day of the celebration.


Curate a Gift Box

Using a gift box that has “will you be my flower girl?” written inside is a fun way to ask a child to be in your wedding. Include goodies that you know she’ll love, like wedding-related stickers, candy, a stuffed animal, and bubbles.


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