Tips and Tricks for Staying Stress-Free While Wedding Planning

Tips and Tricks for Staying Stress-Free While Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding is a huge endeavor, and many couples start to feel the effects of stress pretty early on in the process. Your head may get a bit dizzy when thinking of the seemingly endless list of to-dos before the big day, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as stressful as you think. Fight off wedding planning pressure by following these tips that will keep you calm and collected from “Yes” to “I do.”


Set Deadlines

Make a to-do list with deadlines, and be rigid about sticking to them! A physical (or digital) list will keep you motivated and give you a better sense of what you have done and what still needs to be tackled. The sense of accomplishment that comes with checking an item off your list will also help ease the stress!


Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner has been through the process and knows what to expect. They’ve worked through bumps and hiccups along the way, and know how to stay calm as issues arise. Bringing a professional onto the team who knows the wedding planning process inside and out will make your life immensely easier. While we are on the subject: if you are heading out for your honeymoon soon after the reception, work with a travel agent who can take some of the stress off of your shoulders when it comes to vacation planning.


Take Some Simple Steps Towards Saving Money

If the financial burden of throwing a wedding is stressing you out, check out these simple and easy to implement tips for saving money in the wedding planning process. They won’t compromise your vision of your wedding, but they willtake the stress off of you andyour wallet.


Stay Ahead of the Game with Thank You Notes

Help out your future self by writing thank you notes as you start to receive gifts. After the wedding, you’ll be happy that you took some of the burden off yourself—you’ll want to focus on enjoying newlywed bliss, not catching up with thank you notes! Plus, taking half an hour to tackle a few thank yous is a great and easy way to feel accomplished. If the thought of even figuring out what to say is stressing you out, follow these tips on getting the wording just right.


Ask for Help and Delegate

Wedding planning isn’t something you and your fiancé should tackle on your own. When it comes to tasks like arranging centerpieces or writing out the program, ask for help from friends and family. They’ll love to do their part to help you out, and delegating out to-dos will make your life much easier.


Don’t Forgo What Makes You Happy

As you become busy with meetings and tasks, it can become easy for your usual routine to fall by the wayside—but this is not the time to put off your “me-time”! If going for a morning jog is your key weapon to fighting off stress, then by all means, don’t skip it for a vendor meeting. Work commitments around your typical schedule so that you can maintain a sense of balance, and keep your stress-fighting activities in your life.


Schedule Wedding Talk Free Date Nights

The wedding becomes so central in your life during the planning process that it can easily become your number one topic of discussion with your fiancé. Plan for dates—whether they are fancy dinners out or a cozy nights in—where you band the use of the ‘W’ word. When it comes down to it, the wedding isn’t about great food or a lavish party—it is about celebrating the love you’ve found. Spend the time focusing on your fiancé and keeping things in perspective, and the process won’t seem nearly as bad as you thought.



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