Tips for Cutting Costs on Wedding Flowers


Wedding flower costs can add up fast, so it is no surprise that many couples look for ways to save money when it comes to floral arrangements. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy ways to cut costs while still decking out your venue with gorgeous wedding flowers. These are some of the top budget-friendly tips for saving money on your wedding flowers.


Stay in Season

One of the best ways to stay in budget with your wedding flowers is to stick with blooms that are in season in your wedding location. By sticking with seasonal flowers that are local to your area, you won’t have to worry about hefty transportation costs. You can also guarantee that, by staying in season, you’re getting the freshest blooms available.


Use Ceremony Flowers in Your Reception

You can easily cut down on the number of arrangements you need by reusing some of the ceremony bouquets during the reception. For example, the bridesmaids’ bouquets can be added to the tables, or aisle decorations can be artfully placed around the room.


Mix Up Decor Elements on Reception Tables

When you are filling out the reception table space, don’t rely solely on flowers. In order to cut down on floral costs, seek out other decorative pieces that will be cheaper to source. Use floral arrangements as the main design piece, but surround them with other decorative elements, like candles, vases, or books.


Add Greenery

A budget-friendly way to fill out flower arrangements is to use more greenery. Gorgeous leaves will add beautifully to the arrangement without sacrificing style. You can also choose leaves that better match the season or wedding aesthetic. For example, for winter weddings you can add ferns, whereas for summer weddings you can add tropical fronds.


Buy Fewer Varietals in Bulk

Rather than paying for a few stems of a wide variety of flowers, narrow down your floral varieties to a few beautiful choices, and buy them in bulk. By buying in bulk, you’ll get a much better deal for the same amount of flowers.


Opt for Less Expensive Blooms for Less Noticeable Arrangements

When it comes to flower arrangements that people aren’t going to get a close look at (such as the floral decor at the altar or at the bar), go for flowers that are less expensive but still fit your color scheme and style. They’ll still add gorgeous color and texture to the venue like more expensive flowers would, but save you some cash. Save the pricier blooms for the arrangements that guests are going to see more closely, such as the centerpieces and the bridal bouquet.


Talk to Your Wedding Florist

The wedding florist that you’re working with will give you some great tips specific to your needs when it comes to creating arrangements. Talk to them about your flower budget, and work together to see what can be done to create budget-friendly floral arrangements that you love.


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