Tips for Planning a Brunch Wedding


Some couples choose to forgo the classic sit-down dinner at their wedding and opt for a brunch reception instead. A brunch wedding is a perfect option for many couples, as it is typically cheaper than a traditional dinner. Plus, it can be as casual or as formal as you’d like. If you are planning on hosting a brunch reception for your wedding, follow these tips to make the most out of your celebration.


Perfect Your Timing

Getting the timing right for a brunch wedding is a bit tricky, but you can make it work. You’ll want to aim to have the reception start around 11:00 am since it hits the right balance between breakfast and brunch. This means you’ll want to start the ceremony around 10:00 am, depending on how long you expect it to be. Don’t start the ceremony too much earlier than that – you want your guests (and yourself!) to be fully awake!

Choosing Your Venue

You’ll have your choice when it comes to picking a venue. Gardens, country clubs or restaurants with outdoor spaces (or nice indoor spaces for cooler-season weddings), and even a backyard can all work. Keep in mind that venues will likely have events scheduled for later in the day, so you’ll be working with a hard deadline to leave the space. Talk to venue coordinators about your timing to see if your needs meet what they have available.


Know Your Lighting

This is important to keep in mind when looking at venues. The light the venue gets in the morning is different than the light it gets later in the day, so schedule your viewing appointments in the morning. You’ll want to make sure your venue gets ample morning light so that you can get gorgeous wedding photos. Talk to your photographer about what you can do to get the best shots.


Choose an Appropriate Dress Code

While brunch weddings can still have a formal feel, it isn’t quite appropriate to have guests wearing their finest ball gowns and tuxes early in the day. Choose a dress code that fits with your venue and skews more on the casual side.


Start the Day Off Right

Couples who have their wedding later in the day will often serve champagne or cocktails prior to the ceremony. However, with a morning ceremony, you can have a bit more fun with the drinks. Set up a coffee and tea cart so that guests can get their morning caffeine fix. For a more celebratory feel, you can also offer mimosas. Of course, keep these options flowing during the reception, as well!


Set the Ambiance with Music

Chances are, you and your guests aren’t going to be in a dance party mood at 1:00 pm. Instead of a DJ, opt for a live band to play some atmospheric music to set the tone. Think string quartet, jazz band, or even just a pianist or acoustic guitarist. You can still establish a dance floor space for your first dance, and keep it open for more laid-back dancing.


Add Interactive Activities

Since the focus will be less on dancing, consider adding some other activities to keep guests engaged during the reception. For outdoor venues, add some lawn games, such as bocce ball and giant jenga. You can also add other popular nighttime wedding reception activities, like a photo booth.


Creating Your Menu

You can have a lot of fun crafting your brunch wedding menu. You may opt to do a buffet, where you can serve a variety of both sweet and savory options. Be sure to have an abundance of lighter food options – many guests will prefer not to eat a super heavy meal that early in the day. Think fruits, smoothies, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and cereal. You can also play up the breakfast theme with waffle, pancake, and omelette stations. You may also choose to do a seated brunch reception. When working with your caterer, be sure to have at least one entree option that is savory, and at least option that is sweet.


Go for the Cake

It is your wedding – it may be early, but you can go for the traditional cake if you want to! You could opt for lighter flavors and textures, like an angel food or vanilla cake. If you are looking for an alternative dessert, you could serve donuts, pastries, or even a crepe cake to play into the brunch theme.


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