When to Set Your Wedding RSVP Date


Couples don’t only need to decide when to send out their wedding invitations. They also need to figure out when the RSVP date should be! While it might seem insignificant, it is actually very important that you choose the right date.

The general rule of thumb is that you should set the RSVP date to about two to four weeks before your wedding if you’re hosting a local wedding (find rules on destination wedding RSVP dates below). However, there are a few caveats and things you should keep in mind before you determine your exact RSVP date. Here is what you need to know and do before making the final decision.


Confirm with Your Venue Coordinator and Caterer

Your venue and caterer will both have their own deadlines for when they need the final headcount, so you’ll want to base your RSVP date on whichever is earliest. However, don’t just stick with their deadline for your RSVP date. You’ll want to give yourself approximately another week on top of that date. This will give you time to reach out to anyone who forgot to respond to your wedding invitation. If you’ve received any last minute “no” RSVPs, this will also allow you to extend invitations to anyone you may have on your B-list.


Don’t Give Guests Too Much Time (for Local Weddings)

In order to get the most responses, you’ll need to hit the RSVP date sweet spot. Give too much time between the receiving of invitations and the RSVP date, and many guests will inevitably put it off – and some may flat out forget. However, if guests have a smaller time frame, there is more urgency to get it done. With this in mind, there shouldn’t be more than a month between when guests get their invitations and when they need to RSVP.


Setting the RSVP Deadline for Destination Weddings

Matters are a bit different for destination weddings. From booking plane tickets to reserving hotel rooms to taking time off of work, there is more that guests need to do in order to attend a destination wedding. With this in mind, six to eight weeks before your wedding is ideal for a destination wedding. That way, any guests who didn’t make their arrangements earlier will get the push they need to get everything ready for your celebration.

If you’re throwing your wedding around the holidays, the same rules apply, particularly if you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town. You’ll need to give them time to book everything during a busy travel season.


One Last Tip: Make the RSVP Date Clear

When designing your wedding invitation, it is essential that the RSVP date is very prominent. Some guests might forget about the need to RSVP and may not be looking for it, so it is essential that there’s a clear task they need to accomplish.


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