10 Wedding Boutonniere Alternatives


There are many reasons for a groom and his groomsmen to forgo the classic floral boutonniere. Maybe you’re looking for ways to cut down on your floral budget, or maybe the bride is opting for an alternative bouquet and you want to follow suit. Maybe you simply want to go with an option that is a bit more out-of-the-box. Whatever your reasoning is, these are some creative wedding boutonniere alternatives that will add the finishing touch to the groom’s look.


Pocket Squares

If you are going for a simple and sleek look, pocket squares are the way to go. The groom can wear one that matches the color of the bride’s bouquet to tie the two looks together. The groomsmen can go for a matching pocket square, or they can each pick out their own, so long as they stay within the color scheme.



Decorative feathers add a classy touch to the wedding look. You can opt for natural uncolored feathers, or feathers that have been dyed, so you’ll easily find options that fit with your wedding color palette.


Air Plants

Air plants (also known as Tillandsia) have become trendy additions to many people’s indoor plant collections. These plants, which don’t need to root into soil, can be crafted into a modern and on-trend boutonniere.


Nautical Rope

Throwing a nautical-themed wedding? Then play into the theme with a rope-knot boutonniere. These simple boutonnieres can be found online, or you can make them yourself.



Those with origami talents can create personalized pieces to attach to the men’s lapels. Use sheets in different colors and patterns that match your wedding aesthetic to create small origami works of art.


Mini Paper Pinwheels

To add a playful touch to the groom and groomsmen’s outfits, attach mini pinwheels to their lapels. Pinwheels are the perfect addition for summer weddings.


Childhood Favorites

If you had a love for Legos as a kid, or constantly played with your superhero action figures, then there are creative ways to work these childhood favorites into a boutonniere. Attach mini action figures to the lapel, or find Legos in your color palette and make a small creation to wear as a boutonniere.


Scrabble Tiles

Have you spent countless nights competing against each other in Scrabble? Then work your love of the game into your wedding celebration by creating boutonnieres out of Scrabble tiles. Each boutonniere can reflect the initials of the groom and groomsmen.


Paper or Felt Flowers

If you still want the illusion of flowers, creative paper or felt flower boutonnieres are the way to go. You can easily order some online, or make some yourself if you have a knack for crafts.


Sheet Music Flowers

This is another option that plays a creative twist on traditional flowers. This is perfect for musicians, and will beautifully complement the bride’s look if she opts for a sheet music flower bouquet.

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