How to Dress Up Your Wedding Dance Floor


While some might not give the dance floor too much attention when it comes to design, there are actually a variety of ways to decorate the dance floor space. If you’re looking to elevate the style of your dance floor and add a bit of visual excitement, here are a few decor ideas you can use as inspiration.


Consider Options Beyond the Simple Wood Dance Floor

A basic dance floor provides a nice foundation that allows other design elements to pop. However, you can also use your dance floor as part of the decor. A checkered black and white dance floor can add some fun flair to the space, while a light up floor will lure guests to stay on their feet and party the night away. Be sure to take a look at all of the design options your dance floor rental company offers to see what works best for you.


Draw the Attention Up with a Gorgeous Lighting

Use a stunning light fixture to bring the attention to the area above the dance floor. There are plenty of styles of lights to choose from, so you can easily find something that fits the aesthetic of your wedding! Go with a classic single chandelier, or hang a bunch of smaller light fixtures over the space. String lights are also an easy way to add some lighting to the space. Practically speaking, a fixture (or multiple fixtures!) will add some needed light to the space, as well!


Use Draped Cloth to Your Advantage

Speaking of drawing the attention up, drapery on the ceiling is another wonderful way to elegantly fill up the space above the dance floor and bring the attention to the center of the room. Whether you’re in a ballroom, a tent, or a barn, it is a great way to elevate the space.


Project Patterns with Lights on the Walls and Floor

A great way to instantly transform a space is to add light patterns. These can be projected on a wall near the dance floor, on the actual dance floor, or both! Consider projecting your monogram, or using light patterns that fit your aesthetic, such as leaves, stars, snowflakes, or simple geometric shapes.


Apply Decals on the Floor

Decorative decals can take a plain dance floor and make it much more exciting and visually appealing. The options are truly endless with decals, so look at the style of your wedding to see what might fit! You can have a crest designed featuring a monogram for you and your partner. You can also use leaf or floral decals, stripes, geometric patterns, or just about anything you can dream up!


Illuminate the Corners with Lanterns

While you may have added a gorgeous light fixture above the dance floor, you can also add a romantic glow with lanterns in the corners of the dance floor. Get a variety of different sized lanterns to add some visual interest.


Add Greenery or Florals to the Space

Instead of (or in addition to) lanterns, you can add a natural element to the corner of the dance floor. Use floral arrangements that coordinate with the reception table centerpieces, or add planters filled with gorgeous plants. You could also fill vases with decorative branches or sticks.


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