The Pros and Cons of a Wedding DJ

*Photo via Rivet Events

Many couples hire a wedding DJ for their celebration, but how can you be sure if it’s the right option for you? If you’re deciding whether to hire a DJ for your wedding, here are some of the pros and cons to consider before making your final decision.


The Pros of a Wedding DJ

  • The song possibilities are endless: A DJ has the world at their fingertips when it comes to music choices, so you won’t need to worry about a lack of variety. This also means you can guarantee any special songs that you want to play at your reception will be played without a hitch. By contrast, if you hire a wedding band, they may not be able to play everything you want, and you’ll have less variety.
  • They can read the room and adjust as needed: A talented DJ will be able to feed off the vibe of the room, and adjust their set to play songs that fit the ambiance. They’ll know when it’s time to play a classic that brings everyone to the dance floor, or move into a slower tune. This is also why you won’t want to just hook up your phone to the sound system and play a playlist!
  • They can keep the music going during breaks: Your DJ will need to take a few moments throughout the night to take a breather. Thankfully, they can line up a few songs so that there won’t be any awkward silences during the reception.
  • Wedding DJs are more budget-friendly than live bands: This may differ from professional to professional, but typically, a wedding DJ will cost less than a live wedding band.
  • They don’t take up a lot of space: If you’re deciding between a live band and a wedding DJ, you’ll need to factor in the space available at your wedding venue. DJs take up less room than a band, so a DJ may be the better option if you’re tight on space.


The Cons of a Wedding DJ

  • They’re less enjoyable for dance-averse guests: If you have a lot of guests who aren’t into tearing it up on the dance floor, a DJ can get pretty boring, since they don’t have the energy of a live performance.
  • A DJ can feel less unique than a band: There is something special about having a live band put their unique twist on songs you love. With a DJ, you have less of that special and fresh experience, since they’re playing songs you’ve likely heard plenty of times.
  • There might be a lot of tech mess: A DJ will need to bring in their equipment, which typically involves a lot of wires. This can make the space look cluttered unless you (or the DJ) are able to creatively hide it.
  • They create the vibe of the night: Of course, if you have a great DJ who interacts well with the crowd, meshes with your personality, and isn’t too cheesy, this isn’t a bad thing! That said, if you have a less-than-stellar DJ, they can negatively impact the mood of the night. This is why it is so important to ask the right questions when interviewing a potential DJ to make sure they’re the right fit.

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