Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding Cake


A wedding cake can easily put a big dent in your budget. However, if you plan well and make some smart decisions along the way, you can have a gorgeous wedding cake that doesn’t cost a fortune. When you’re looking into wedding cakes in Georgia, keep these tips in mind to save some serious money.


Do Your Research

You’ll get the best deal in town if you take some time to research local wedding cake bakers. It is important to do your research so that you get a clear idea of the range of prices and don’t end up with the most expensive vendor.


Don’t Forget the Cake Accessories

In addition to the cake, you’ll need some accessories – like the cake stand and cutting utensils. When you’re interviewing wedding cake bakers, see if their package includes these accessories, or if they offer them for an additional price. If not, you may still be able to rent what you need for a reasonable price – you’ll just want to make sure the accessories are accounted for in your budget.


Use Your Caterer

Rather than hiring a separate wedding cake baker, you may be able to have your caterer make the cake. Often, you’ll be able to get a better deal by giving the caterer this extra task.


Display a Small Cutting Cake

If the tradition of cutting the cake is important to you, you can have your baker design and bake a beautiful but small wedding cake. Once the cake is cut, the servers can serve slices of sheet cake that doesn’t have the frills of a wedding cake. Alternatively, you can cut the cake, but serve another delicious dessert. A small cutting cake will give you the traditional experience without having to spend a ton on a full-size wedding cake.


Serve Smaller Slices

Advise your waitstaff to serve smaller slices so that you can get more out of your cake. If you’re worried about not having enough desserts, you can always have a dessert table with additional treats for the guest with a strong sweet tooth.


Take a Less is More Approach

The hefty price of a wedding cake often comes from the decor. Rather than going with an intricate design that will take a lot of time (and money) to complete, go for a simpler wedding cake look. Naked cakes – cakes that have little or no frosting – are an example of how you can have a gorgeous yet simple design.


Go with Buttercream Over Fondant

If some sort of frosting is a must for you, be sure to pick buttercream instead of fondant. You can still get a polished look with buttercream, but will end up saving more than if you used the more expensive fondant.


Use Real or Fake Flowers Instead of Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers take skill and time to create, and will ultimately add quite a bit to your wedding cake price. Instead, add fresh flowers to the cake, or look for beautiful faux flowers.


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