What is a Cutting Cake? Here’s What You Need to Know


An extravagant, multi-layered cake is one of the symbols that comes to mind when you think about a traditional wedding. However, many couples are forgoing tradition and choosing to serve other desserts at their wedding, like donuts, pies, or even cake pops.

That said, the ritual of actually cutting a cake is important to many newlyweds – and slicing into a donut doesn’t exactly have the same grandeur to it. Thankfully, cutting cakes work to bridge the gap between choosing to follow some traditions while still putting your own twist on your celebration.


What is a Cutting Cake?

A cutting cake is a smaller scale cake that is meant to be displayed at the wedding, and then cut by the couple so that they can participate in the traditional cake cutting. This small wedding cake isn’t large enough to actually serve all of the guests in attendance.

As far as the design goes, it can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be, depending on your preferences and budget. Of course, since you are working with a smaller cake, you won’t be able to fully translate a design that would work on a larger cake. However, you can work with your wedding cake baker to come up with a vision that you love.


The Benefits of a Cutting Cake

As mentioned above, one of the main benefits of a cutting cake is giving the couple the ability to participate in cutting their wedding cake while still serving another dessert that better fits their taste.

However, many couples who want to serve cake actually use a cutting cake as a way to save money in their dessert budget. If you envision a gorgeous wedding cake but don’t have the room in your budget, you can use this smaller scale cake as your canvas for your dream design. Then, when it is time to eat dessert, the catering staff can cut up an undecorated sheet cake (that is typically the same flavor as the cutting cake) in the kitchen to serve to guests. That way, you still get to display the design you love, without having to pay for a larger decorated cake. Be sure to talk to your wedding cake baker about how they can make the cutting cake and sheet cake happen.


Who Eats the Cutting Cake?

This is entirely up to you! If you are serving cake as the dessert at your wedding, feel free to enjoy the decorated cutting cake yourself as the guests are served the sheet cake – it is your wedding, after all! Many couples also choose to refrigerate it to enjoy it the next day, or may even preserve the cake in the freezer to eat on an anniversary.


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