Fun Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding


If you’re serving delicious alcoholic drinks during your wedding celebration, you may want to include some festive options for the non-drinkers, as well. They’ll want to enjoy a celebratory beverage, too! Whether you want to offer fun drinks for the little ones or celebratory beverages for adults who aren’t drinking, here are a few creative non-alcoholic drinks to serve at your wedding.


Sparkling Apple Cider

For those who won’t be drinking, trade out the traditional glass of champagne for a flute of sparkling apple cider during the reception toasts. It still has that celebratory feel – just without the alcohol! Plus, it’s a drink that you know the under 21 crowd will love.


Virgin Mimosas

If you’re planning on creating a DIY mimosa drink station for your wedding, be sure to include a non-alcoholic option, as well. Offer a few bottles of ginger ale or sparkling water to replace the champagne so that guests can mix their own virgin mimosas. This is particularly great for brunch receptions, especially since there may be fewer people who want to drink at that time.



Speaking of virgin drinks, you can work with your bartender and come up with a few mocktails for the non-drinkers. If you have a specialty cocktail, see if they can create a non-alcoholic version. If not, some traditionally alcoholic drinks that are easy to make into mocktails include margaritas, Moscow mules, mojitos, and daiquiris. That said, the options really are limitless, so do a bit of research on your favorite cocktails to see if there are mocktail versions. Whatever you come up with, be sure to put a sign on the bar so that guests know it is available.



This is a great option if you have a few health-conscious guests in attendance. It’s easy to take kombucha (which is sparkling) and make it look and feel like a festive cocktail with a few garnishes and the right glassware. Stock some kombucha behind the bar so that the bartenders can create a healthy mocktail with it.



A lemonade stand will be a hit with drinkers and non-drinkers alike, especially during a summer wedding. Create a station with drink dispensers filled with different flavors of lemonade. If you want, you could even have a dispenser with iced tea so that guests can make themselves an Arnold Palmer. To make these drinks a little extra special, add bowls filled with garnishes that guests can add to their drinks, such as lavender, dried flowers, or berries. You can also use some nicer glassware to make the lemonade feel more like a celebratory cocktail, like champagne flutes or cocktail glasses.


Root Beer

If you’re offering an ice bucket filled with beer, be sure to also include another bucket with some delicious root beer. It’s something that the kids will love – and probably a few of the adults, too.


Infused Water

Take refreshing water to the next level by infusing it with fruits and herbs. Some popular options include strawberry and lemon, grapefruit and mint, cucumber, lavender, and watermelon and basil. This is a perfect idea for warmer weather outdoor weddings where you’ll want to make sure guests are staying hydrated. Plus, it adds that little extra something to water that guests of all ages will love. Just like the lemonade stand idea, consider having guests use cocktail glasses for their infused water, and including a few drink garnishes.


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