Nervous About Your First Dance? Here are Some Tips to Help You Rock It

*Photo via Rivet Events

There are a wide range of thoughts that couples have about their first dance. Some love the spotlight and have a natural talent for performing, and can’t wait to get on the dance floor and share their first dance with their partner. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people may have two left feet and feel…less enthused about the first dance.

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about your first dance, but you don’t have to let your nerves get the best of you. Here are a few first dance tips that will help you feel calm and confident when it is time to hit the dance floor.


Keep it Simple

If you don’t have much (or any!) experience with dance, the quickest way to overwhelm yourself is to try to choreograph and learn a complicated wedding first dance. The wedding planning process is stressful enough – don’t unnecessarily add to that stress! Keep your first dance simple. It’ll be much easier to learn, if in fact you even add any choreographed elements – which you don’t need to do! If the dance is simple, it is also far less likely that you’ll completely go blank and forget the moves when it comes time to actually perform the first dance.

If you feel like you’re not doing “enough” for your first dance, keep in mind that the sweetest and most memorable first dances are the ones where the couple looks genuinely happy and excited to be sharing that moment. It’ll be harder to stay present and enjoy the moment if you’re focusing on what twirl, dip, or fancy dance move is coming up next.


Hire a Dance Instructor

There are plenty of talented wedding dance instructors in Georgia that can help you fine tune your dancing skills and get ready for the big night. Of course, we know what you might be thinking: why do we need to hire a dance instructor if we’re keeping it simple? Sure, a dance instructor can help you create a complicated dance routine if you’re up for it, but they can also simply work with you to help you and your partner learn a few basics and get more comfortable dancing. As a bonus, a few dance sessions with your partner will be a fun way to let loose and let any wedding planning stress melt away.


Get a Few Practice Rounds In

Whether you decide to hire a dance instructor or not, you and your partner should spend some time working on your first dance for the big night. Again, it’s all about getting comfortable with dancing so that you feel more confident and relaxed when the DJ calls you up for the first dance. Bonus tip: you should both practice in your wedding shoes. It’ll help break them in if they’re new, and it’ll make you feel that much more prepared for the actual first dance.


Remember…It’s All About You and Your Partner

Your guests aren’t attending your wedding with the expectation that you’ll wow them with a dazzling first dance. A first dance is all about the couple and their love, not about a performance. Take the pressure off of trying to perform and impress, and focus on the excitement of your new life as newlyweds! After all, that’s what everyone will be there to celebrate.

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